Is there any reason for me to buy the 3DS XL?

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I didn't buy a 3DS at launch because I didn't want to buy a system with no good games and because I didn't want to get screwed over, being an early adopter like I was for the DS. I figured that after about 18 months, Nintendo would release a hardware revision, and by that time, there would be enough good games that it would be worth it to buy that 3DS revision. Sadly, I think the 3DS XL probably isn't worth buying and I should just purchase a regular 3DS. Since the battery life is only slightly better on the XL and the pixels-per-inch will be very low (compared to my ipod and phone, at least), is there any reason to buy the XL over the regular 3DS?

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I'd say to buy a regular 3DS. The XL doesn't seem worth the hassle honestly.

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If you have to ask us, then I'd say "no".

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If you don't have a 3DS and you like the bigger screen? Thats all I got.

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There really isn't anything to play on it. Wait till there is a strong catalog of games, and then pick one up.

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It depends.

Do you want bigger screens? If not, get the regular one. I have a launch 3DS and I have no desire for the 3DS XL. I admit, the screens do look nice but I want portability from my handheld - the current 3DS model suits me just fine in that regard and the battery life really isn't that big of an issue. How many times are you legitimately going to be playing a game for hours upon hours on the 3DS? Chances are not a lot - and if you are just plug it in and play, likely you'll be playing long stretches at home anyway.

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I heard quite a few things that support the XL being a better machine. Granted maybe not huge for someone who has a 3ds but here are a few things.

  • DS games will be one to one meaning they will be displayed normally vs being poorly compressed or struck to a small size to get the right ratio down
  • The 3d is easier on the eye as its been reported i don't think it better tech but maybe better integration
  • Button layout is improved mainly the select,start and home button which was kinda crap on 3ds
  • seems more comfortable to hold then the 3ds and its light for its size
  • slightly better battery life
  • bigger screen

Thats all i got for right now but unless the normal 3ds drop even more in price i don't see why you would not get a 3ds lx when it costs $200 vs a 3ds which is like what $160 or $170.

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It pretty much all comes down to the screen size. Considering I didn't enjoy playing DS games until I got a DSiXL, I'm pretty pumped for the 3DS version.

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@MiamiRedHawks said:

There really isn't anything to play on it. Wait till there is a strong catalog of games, and then pick one up.

well that's certainly not true. there are quite a few quality games between retail releases and eShop titles, it's just a matter of liking them or not.

@OP: you could wait until you can try one of the in-store units of the XL to see if the resolution and screen size play nice with each other. if you'd prefer fancy colors and don't care much about the battery life increase then you might as well pick up the original model (which also saves you some cash that you could put into some games!).

if you've toyed with the idea of getting that circle pad pro thing to play Resident Evil or MGS3 then you should go with the old one, definitely. With the XL, it's definitely a not a case where there's a clearly better version of the system. You have to decide for yourself if you prefer the bigger screens over portability and system colors or battery life.

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@MikeHawk: I think it'll be worth getting the XL. If you have bigger hands, and maybe even if you don't I'm sure this will be much more comfortable in your hands. Also as someone who has had the 3ds since launch the one thing I've wanted that the most is a bigger screen. Though some of that is going back and worth handheld wise with the ps vita and ipad. Plus the better battery is a nice gain. However it doesn't come with a docking cradle which is something I've come to love. Granted I have a dock(s) for every device i own. Though apparently they will sell one separately.

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I don't see why not unless you want to take it everywhere with you. If you just plan on using it at home it seems like the better option. I guess it also comes down to how the games look on the larger screen with a lower pixel density.

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Are you going to mainly play it around your house? Get the XL.

Are you going to take it out every day and need that portability? Get the normal 3DS.

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