Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Eligibility Check

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confirmed...without that last number. I nearly did a spit take when I put the full thing in

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Did this as well and yes, don't include the last number.

I guess Nintendo is aware of the problem and should be fixed at some point.

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I was just able to confirm my status by entering all the numbers.

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yep, entering all the numbers works now. Still confirmed. I've played almost none of the announced games so I'm pretty psyched about this.

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SCAMbassador confirmed!

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SCAMbassador confirmed!

Damn you scambassadors!! Nintendo should only give you the CDi Mario and Zelda games! :P
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Definitely a confirmed embassador.

Can't wait for my free games.

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Neat, thanks. Now I can rest easy.

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I demand diplomatic immunity for a future crimes I commit now since I am officially an ambassador.

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Why not just log into the Store? When you log into the store it sends you a little mail calling you an ambassador.

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Awesome, I'm an ambassador.

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Nintendo has no information on my 3DS, my status is Undetermined.

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Eligible as can be.

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@Hizang said:

Nintendo has no information on my 3DS, my status is Undetermined.

I guess that site is only for the US Ambassadors. 
The EU site doesn't have it yet, but they're working on it.

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