Pilotwings Resort or Ridge Racer 3DS?

#1 Posted by MarioBoza (46 posts) -

I bought my 3DS with Super Street Fighter 4 3D. Now I want to buy another game but im not sure which one. Pilotwings Resort or Ridge Racer 3DS? Which one do you all think is the better of the two? 
Thanks in advance. =D 

#2 Posted by bwheeeler (489 posts) -

If you like Ridge Racer, get Ridge Racer, because it's still Ridge Racer. And if you don't want Ridge Racer go with Pilotwings because it is definitely not Ridge Racer.

#3 Posted by Cube (4366 posts) -

Neither, save your money. Wait for flagship Nintendo games.

#4 Posted by Kjellm87 (1722 posts) -

I haven't played much Pilotvings yet, but my brother is on a weekend visit and have barely putted that game down.

#5 Posted by mattbirdy1986 (107 posts) -

RR3D inst  a bad game but as Jeff said its just Ridge Racer if thats a good thing get it i did :D

#6 Posted by Gizmo (5389 posts) -

Managed to play Pilotwings for 5 minutes today. 
I thought the 3D was dizzying and poorly implemented, the graphics were mediocre, and the gameplay kinda boring. 
Don't think either of the games are worth buying.

#7 Posted by Sargus (732 posts) -

Sounds like Ridge Racer is great if you're not burned out on it yet, and PilotWings is great but is somewhat limited in terms of content. So I think you'd probably be happy either way, as long as you're OK with replaying PilotWings levels for higher scores.

#8 Posted by Ax23000 (31 posts) -

I'm about seven hours into Pilot Wings right now and I'd definitely recommend it.  If you've ever played and enjoyed a Pilot Wings game before you'll like this one.  In contrast to Gizmo, I feel the 3D effect works fantastically in Pilot Wings.  I've yet to turn off the 3D for more than a few seconds at a time (just to compare the 2D to the 3D).  At the same time it does some to be the most stressful on the eyes out of all the 3D games I've played, I believe this is due to the fact that your eyes actually use the 3D in this game, as opposed to--say--Street Fighter or Steel Diver where the 3D is mostly just a visual effect.  One of the things I found trickiest about it was that my eyes at first wanted to focus on both my character and the background at the same time.  You have to get used to looking past or even through your character at the scenery behind, just as you would do in real life.  Video games haven't really trained us to do this at all, in fact I think that much like a person who has lost an eye our brains have adapted to operating with a flat image.
If you haven't played Pilot Wings before, it's basically a series of flight obstacle courses.  You get to control an airplane, rocket-pack, and hang glider.  One of the coolest parts of the game is that each vehicle controls very uniquely and requires different skills to excel at.  In each course you're graded based on how well you did.  The game is divided into groups, so you start with tutorial and work your way up to Platinum.  One nice things is that the game shakes up the mission types so that you never get bored.  One mission I beat earlier today required me to rocket around town collecting UFOs.  The game starts VERY easy and ends with some really challenging missions.  At no point would I call it truly difficult to progress, but it does require quite a bit of skill to perfect your run through each level.  If you're the sort who likes to get as close to perfect as you can you'll get more out of this game than if you just blast through it not caring about how well you do (if you did that you could probably beat the mission mode in under four hours).
PilotWings: Resort adds a Free Flight Mode very similar to the airplane from Wii Sports: Resort.  This is probably my favorite mode in the game.  In Wii Sports there were balloons to shoot and info points to find and that was pretty much that.  PilotWings adds stunt rings and the ability to fly around the island in any of the different vehicles.  Basically this mode just sets you loose to fly around the island doing whatever you want within a set time limit.  The stunt rings are really cool and require you to do certain things as you fly through them.  For example, there might be a ring that requires you to fly upside down through it.  Some of these are really easy, but some are in tough spots and require tricky flying to pull off.
If you love flight or have any sort of fascination with airplanes I can't reccomend PilotWings enough.  I know that it has recieved a lot of negative press for being 'limited', but if you truly want to play through the game to completion there are at least 10 hours to be found in this game.

#9 Posted by SpudBug (633 posts) -

Pilotwings is more fun for less time 
Ridge Racer is less fun for more time. 
If you want something to grind out for weeks and play while listening to the bombcast, go with ridge racer. Pilotwings is a better game but there's not a whole lot to it.

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