Pokédex 3D is Free (eShop)

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Pokédex 3D is a free application that allows 3DS users to view the 150 new Pokemon from Black and White, in 3D. The application also includes SpotPass and Augmented Reality features. From the start, players have 16 Pokemon unlocked, the remaining ones can then be unlocked by using SpotPass (this unlocks 3 random Pokémon per day), or by trading data with friends using StreetPass. Pokémon can also be unlocked by scanning QR Codes in the same way you can collect Mii's. The Augmented Reality feature allows you to take photos of Pokémon via the 3DS Camera. Other features include filtering and bookmark options. 
It looks cute. I bet Tepig looks awesome in 3D... The free application launches with the 3DS's eShop on June 7th. 

Cheer up Oshawott! 

  Take note of the balance in the bottom image - real money balance
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Well screw all my other systems I gotta get a 3DS ASAP. Does it also come with a calendar?

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Guess I'll download it. Hey it's free in the end.

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@RE_Player92 said:
Well screw all my other systems I gotta get a 3DS ASAP. Does it also come with a calendar?
No, but knowing Nintendo the slew of themed 3D clocks and calenders are on the way. 
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Neat, it would be cool with a complete Pokedex, but the Unova ones are good.

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Why would I need a pokedex on my 3DS?
Actually now that I think about it, why wouldn't I need a pokedex on my 3DS?

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If it isn't Pokemon Snap then I dont give a shit.

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Teh Pig! 
Looks nice, but they've likely just used the 3D models from the upcoming Pokemon Wii game.. and it's also worth pointing out that Nintendo have forced fan made Pokedex applications off the Apple and Android app stores because of this, and it'll likely be far less useful.  I very much doubt it gives information about stats, EV's or moves that can only be acquired through breeding chains. 
Though I do quite like the idea of having to build up the Pokedex, instead of starting with everything unlocked.. even if that limits it's usefulness even more.
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@WinterSnowblind said:
Teh Pig! 

He looks so awesome....
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So your saying they have 3D models of all the pokémon.... interesting 
*cough* 3D Pokémon game on 3DS announced at E3 *cough"

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@Soap said:
So your saying they have 3D models of all the pokémon.... interesting  *cough* 3D Pokémon game on 3DS announced at E3 *cough"
They'll probably integrate this feature into any future 3DS game, but I don't think a new Pokemon is on the way for a while. Besides, Nintendo wouldn't use E3 to announce a new Pokemon game, a Pokemon event in Japan is far more likely.
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You know, why not? I wouldn't mind having this, atleast it's free.
This kinda makes me think how I just want Nintendo to take the Trophy Gallery from the Smash Bros games and do something like this. Kinda the only thing left for me to do in Melee.

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@Contro: There have been rumours about a Wii sequel to Battle Revolution/Colosseum for a while.. thought it's still unlikely it'd be announced at E3, yeah.
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Yea, I've heard rumblings about that also. Something like that should appear for the new console after a new 3DS game appears. 
I want an AR Pokemon game that allows you to see your Pokemon brawling it out within a real world backdrop. 
On another note, I hope this free software doesn't mean we don't get Excitebike 3D, free also.

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If we can scan QR codes to unlock Pokemon, what's stopping us from scanning all the Pokemon into the Pokedex that way? Seems like it would defeat the purpose of the StreetPass functionality. I wonder if there will be a limit on QR code use, like how you can only earn 10 Play Coins per day.

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i love free stuff :]
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<3 I am going to love this.

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Looks awesome AND it's free? Hurray!

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I really want a 3ds now

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