Prepare for Stupid Rumors, As Nintendo Schedules Fall 3DS Event

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#51 Posted by Video_Game_King (34588 posts) -

I've already heard a few stupid 3DS rumors. For example, two new Fire Emblem games will be announced. Both will be set 600 years after Sealed Sword, and they'll come in Red/Blue flavors or something. I told you it was stupid.

#52 Posted by Generic_username (478 posts) -

I won't buy a new 3DS when it comes out, no matter what the cost! I already spent my next 6 paychecks on the 4 new Apple devices coming out this year. 
It's not like it's just Nintendo doing it. The company that HAS MORE MONEY THAN THE ENTIRE US GOVERNMENT does it too, except more often, and each device costs so much more. 
I do really hope they don't do a drastic redesign though. Not one with a second analog stick. I just bought my 3DS because of the price drop, and if they do a redesign that makes it completely obsolete so soon, than I'm just going to be done throwing my money at Nintendo. I love you guys, and I don't want to leave you, just please don't hurt me anymore.
#53 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -


#54 Posted by Luck3ySe7en (240 posts) -

I just got a 3DS and a redesign wouldnt bother me too much (especially if its a second thumb pad thingy). Game retailers would at least comp existing owners with a trade in bonus in order to get them to move new systems off the shelves.

#55 Posted by MaFoLu (1854 posts) -

If they were to make a new 3DS with a second analog stick, I would feel sad...

Or maybe developers choose to not use the second stick for anything important, but then it's just an unnecessary feature.

What I'm saying is, I don't think they would put a second analog stick on a 3DS redesign...

#56 Posted by OldManLollipop (306 posts) -

Please make cool game-related announcements, Nintendo.

#57 Edited by vinsanityv22 (1064 posts) -

Well, a second analog stick is out of the question, since the....uh...20(?) games available would then be unfairly screwed., I don't care. 
This second wave of 3DS games better be impressive. Because the first wave sucks. The 3DS is just another Mario/Zelda port machine right now, and it sucks. The DS didn't become a success because of Super Mario 64 DS. It became a success because of original stuff like Kirby's Cursed Canvas and Zelda Spirit Tracks that proved what the touch screen could do, and provided great handheld gaming experiences. Not hand-me-down console style games.
If there's not original stuff - and GOOD original stuff, unlike Kid Icarus (which will control like horsesh*t, just you wait and see. The Japanese seldom make good third person shooters, especially on handhelds...let alone Nintendo) - my 3DS is getting traded in but quick. 

#58 Posted by chickdigger802 (501 posts) -

@Gaff said:

@Meowshi said:

Son of a BITCH


There are a few problems I have with the rumours.

  • Second analogue stick: couple this with the $10 add-on and Nintendo's rumoured push for developers to develop with that second stick in mind, this will split the install base at best, render the first batch of hardware obsolete at worst. Also, handheld add-ons historically haven't fared well. I don't buy a handheld to start bolting on stuff. And where would that go?!
  • Reducing the 3D functionality: a cost-cutting measure, fine. 3D wasn't that great anyway, fine. But it does defeat the point of owning a 3DS, doesn't it?
  • The 3DS released in Spring 2011, and if the rumours are true, a redesign would be announced in Fall 2011 and a release somewhere in 2012. Barely six months between release and a redesign, and then a year at the most for the redesign's release. Retailers will love cleaning the rows of 3DSs for a year, I'm sure.

Did the 3DS fail to live up to expectations? Sure. But... Not like this.

it does seem like they pretty much have to pack that 'add on' to every single new game that supports it for a while. Kinda like what they do for motion plus.

I do think 'reducing 3d' means the focus in marketing vs completely removing the 3d function.

#59 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -
#60 Posted by Levio (1781 posts) -

Another analog stick? Yeah ok, because Nintendo totally hadn't thought of adding a 2nd stick before, but is now totally on board with the idea. That's totally how Nintendo rolls, abandoning hardware choices on the whims of some whiny gamers.

#61 Posted by RainVillain (480 posts) -

There is NO WAY it would have a second analog stick. New battery, maybe though...

#62 Posted by yellowgameboy (6 posts) -
@Ygg: I completely agree with ygg!
#63 Posted by James_ex_machina (896 posts) -

Please announce you are making games for the iPhone 5! LOL

#64 Posted by hagridore (500 posts) -

Believe it. The 3DS life time has already sped up due to poor sales. Wouldn't be shocked if it wasn't just a redesign but a new system.

#65 Posted by Enigma777 (6047 posts) -

Yea, I'm still waiting on my second analog stick for my PSP. It's just not going to happen.

However, if the redesign improves battery and the general look (cause honestly, it's butt-ugly) then I just might buy the damn thing. Or not. Might put that money towards the Vita instead. Who knows?

#66 Posted by AmatureIdiot (980 posts) -

Damn it Nintendo you're losing me

Selling my 3DS for a Vita when it comes time is looking more and more tempting, adding a second peripheral analogue stick smacks of panic and I can't see it being anything other than half baked. I mean if it was a plan from before it was launched why wait till six months in and not launch with it, its not new tech, so it must surely have been conceived since its poor launch.

This is assuming that its true of course.

On the other hand I sold my DS fat for a launch PSP so what do I know

#67 Posted by spilledmilkfactory (1751 posts) -

I don't buy the second analog stick rumor, but the redesigned battery could be true. Either way, I don't think it'll help Nintendo's case against the Vita. My 3DS has been gathering dust over the months since its release, while the Vita is already toting more solid looking games than the 3DS before it has even launched. I believe Nintendo can fix the situation, but it won't be for a while

#68 Posted by GioVANNI (1280 posts) -

They made a big deal about fucking over early adopters with the price drop and being sorry about it.  I don't think they'll make their fans even MORE angry by announcing an entirely new system 6 months after.
A redesign makes sense, but a new system seems like nonsense to me.

#69 Posted by SpudBug (631 posts) -

hey guys, the battery isn't even that bad. It's the same or better as an iphone/ipod touch battery. Everybody needs to stop talking about things they don't know about.

#70 Posted by ProfessorEss (7123 posts) -

Three screens! 

#71 Posted by patrickklepek (3062 posts) -

@SpudBug said:

hey guys, the battery isn't even that bad. It's the same or better as an iphone/ipod touch battery. Everybody needs to stop talking about things they don't know about.

If I put my iPhone 4 into "sleep mode," it lasts for days. My 3DS can barely last a flight.

#72 Edited by Marokai (2630 posts) -

Once again I am convinced that Nintendo is just incredibly stupid and has no idea what they're doing. (And frankly never really has.)

#73 Posted by JackSukeru (5816 posts) -

Y'know what? If they made a revision that added a second analog stick to the 3DS I would buy one of those right away.

I wouldn't complain about it, I wouldn't even point out that that's what they should have done from the beginning instead of letting me struggle with camera control from the PS1 era. That's how much I want to see them release such a thing.

Still, I don't believe they're going to do it.

#74 Edited by MrKlorox (11185 posts) -

I believe a massive grain of salt would be a boulder.

@sofacitysweetheart said:

So not even Nintendo can do 3D... and people think this gimmick has a future?

Do us all a favor and pluck out one of your eyes right now then.

#75 Posted by Trebz (487 posts) -

I don't think the best solution to a console's "failure" (even though I don't believe that the 3DS is or has been, in any capacity, a failure) is to shut it down and start something brand new. I'd also be very surprised if Nintendo decided to plant on an extra circle pad, considering that a second analog stick is a huge deal if developers are currently only developing for one.  
If there's a redesign, it's going to be a better battery, a few aesthetic tweaks and a stronger hinge. Nothing as drastic as some rumors.

#76 Posted by MjHealy (1736 posts) -

I'm jumping on the 3DS once it gets it's redesigned. That price is very tempting (especially if I can trade in my old DS Lite and get a few ducats taken off it) but I have convinced myself to wait.

#77 Edited by Scrumdidlyumptious (1636 posts) -

Obviously BS. Nintendo is not that stupid.

#78 Posted by heavyplay (274 posts) -

Even with the price cut, I'm waiting for better battery life. Maybe some new colours would be nice, but the battery is my main concern. If they improve that, I'd make the jump.

#79 Posted by ptys (1747 posts) -

God yes!! It does sound like madness, but the redesign is what alot of us have been waiting for. Stranger things have happened?.. I guess.

#80 Posted by shuref00t (109 posts) -

@sofacitysweetheart said:

So not even Nintendo can do 3D... and people think this gimmick has a future?

Apple hasn't tossed their hat into the ring yet. If anyone can popularize 3D, it's Apple.

#81 Posted by SexualBubblegumX (536 posts) -
@shuref00t said:

@sofacitysweetheart said:

So not even Nintendo can do 3D... and people think this gimmick has a future?

Apple hasn't tossed their hat into the ring yet. If anyone can popularize 3D, it's Apple.

No, Some ideas are just so toxic not even Steve Jobs can PR his way out of it.
#82 Posted by ThePhantomStranger (353 posts) -

You know as much as I want the Vita to sell so that games actually come out for it, I want that to happen to both handhelds actually I'm just going for the Vita first, I have this feeling that Nintendo is gonna pull some magical wizardly bullshit that destroys any hope the PS Vita actual variable pricing depending upon the game...

#83 Posted by Hector (3346 posts) -

I was about to get one later this week too. Hmm..guess I'll wait.

#84 Posted by Brendan (7511 posts) -

@SexualBubblegumX said:

@shuref00t said:

@sofacitysweetheart said:

So not even Nintendo can do 3D... and people think this gimmick has a future?

Apple hasn't tossed their hat into the ring yet. If anyone can popularize 3D, it's Apple.

No, Some ideas are just so toxic not even Steve Jobs can PR his way out of it.

I never would have thought that 7 inch phones would take off, but then Apple sold a bazillion ipads. I'll never count them out for anything.

#85 Posted by Eujin (1293 posts) -

@patrickklepek: Agreed. Nintendo either has a shoddy battery or a shoddy wireless adapter that drains battery like no tomorrow, as in their "recommended sleep mode" with the system not fully turned off("sleep") and the wifi left on, it gets /maaaybe/ a night if it's fully charged at the start.

Although I'm thinking it's either the OS or the battery, as turning off the wifi seems to give maybe a 1-1.5 hour boost at most.

#86 Posted by Shuborno (935 posts) -

A 3DS with better battery life at the current price point seems like an acceptable device, but to be honest I feel like my DS Lite is still sufficient.

#87 Posted by KinjiroSSD (694 posts) -

meh...I'm just done with handhelds all together. The Vita looks nice but I'd only have time to play a handheld at home and that would eat into PS3 and SC2 time. I just have to admit that I'm just too old.

#88 Posted by Montyboggs (41 posts) -

If there is a drastic redesign (such as an added joystick) I may never buy a Nintendo handheld again. I would probably trade my 3DS in towards a Vita. If it was something like a 3DS Lite or something, thinner with better battery or something, that wouldn't bug me too much. I really doubt either will be the case however. They'll probably announce a game or two and maybe some new channel and show Mario Kart, Super Mario, Luigi's Mansion 2, Animal Crossing, Metal Gear Solid 3, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, Resident Evil Revelations... Wow there's actually a lot of 3DS games I'm looking forward to when I start listing them off.

#89 Posted by wizeguy (72 posts) -

my 3ds lasts for a couple days when left in sleep mode, i dont see what all the moaning is about with the battery, ive never had a problem with it, even with 3d turned right up.

#90 Posted by Contro (2040 posts) -

This will include a new big game announcement.
#91 Posted by mnzy (2909 posts) -

Yes! CoD on the DS!

#92 Posted by PenguinDust (12414 posts) -

You know, a thought occurred to me that the second analogue stick might not be as far fetched as I originally thought.  If we look at Wii Motion Plus, we see an earlier example of Nintendo introducing a significant redesign element to their platform and then not making it a requirement for game developers.  So, it is conceivable that Nintendo would add a second stick and then not force game studios to make use of it.  On a smaller level, when the DSi came out it added a camera which could be used in games, but I don't know how many games actually did so.  A second analogue would probably just sit there unused for 90% of the games, since publishers don't expect gamers to buy peripherals.

#93 Posted by (29 posts) -

If nintendo releases a redisgin with a 2nd analog stick, part of the ambassador program better be giving everybody who owns the old one a new one................I hate Nintendo so much for all the atrocious decisions they have made this year.

#94 Posted by Mabui (63 posts) -

The 3D is sorta cool, but it didn't take me long to get used to it - till it was like invisible, that I'd have to turn it off to see what the difference was.   The thing is also heavy, bulky, if there was a slim version I'd buy it - but I'd feel REALLY BAD for the people who bought one at launch if they redesign within the first year. 

#95 Posted by SexualBubblegumX (536 posts) -
An Ipad is a pretty harmless gadget. That 3D stuff is notorious for giving people migranes and hurting people's eyes. It's simply a fad that people are getting tired of because of the painful side effects it can cause.
#96 Posted by Baziel (40 posts) -

If it's a 3DS XL I'll get it!
#97 Posted by MisterMouse (3531 posts) -

that would be crazy if they introduced new hardware...

#98 Posted by MeatSim (10595 posts) -

3DS really does need a better battery.

#99 Posted by Tacoboy1986 (143 posts) -

I wonder if they're going to push some software they were holding back, possibly for next year. I hope they're releasing Snake Eater 3D this year.

#100 Posted by Spectreman (228 posts) -

Well, guest what just appear in Famitsu...

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