Should I buy a 3ds?

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For some reason the last generation of handhelds didn't really do it for me. So I'm a bit hesitant to jump into a 3ds purchase. The current target price drop along with a B2G1 deal is ridiculously appealing. It's also hard to pass up portable versions of two of my favorite games, mgs3 and Zelda Oot. But I have some worries keeping me back. The system seemed to be an enormous flop for a while. Nintendo's sporadic decisions have me a little uneasy. Drastic price drop, Frankenstick, Icarus stand, etc. Also the state of portable gaming moving toward 99 cent idevice games makes me wonder how long dedicated portable gaming consoles will last. Also, I have a mild lazy eye eye, so 3d .... Sort of works for me. I tend to avoid 3d movies due to eye strain. So basically I have until Saturday to capitalize on target's deal, so I'm curious to know all of your opinions.

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@SoleVillain said:

For some reason the last generation of handhelds didn't really do it for me.

I was going to say "Is Fire Emblem: Kakusei in English, yet", but now that I know you've never owned a DS, I'm going to force you to buy one of the damn things.

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What is up with all these "should I buy a 3ds" threads, just look at the games dude. 3DS has quite a few games coming out this summer, but I'm sure Vita will have some great games too. I prefer 3ds because I had a lot of DS games to play. It's easy to turn off the 3d on 3ds by the way, that's how I play.

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Vita is way too expensive to me.

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It's more about 3ds or nothing. I can't justify vita cost.

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You can have mine for $75.

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@SoleVillain: It's seems you have a lot of the information mixed up. First off mgs3 does not work well on the 3DS and it's not an enjoyable experience. It also wasn't a flop. It sold well before the price drop and even better afterwards. People didn't go insane over it like they did for the Wii but it was still successful. People were mainly disappointed due to the lack of games for the first six months. I don't really see why the Icarus stand would be a negative against Nintendo. It's for one game, it's to prevent wrist strain and it's free. If it's that offensive to you skip Kid Icarus. There's nothing to support the fact that portable gaming is moving toward 99 cent games. Yes they make a lot of money because there are more iphones in the wild but there will always be a market for real games on dedicated gaming devices. There are hardly any real games on the iPhone that are actually enjoyable to play and there are only certain types of games that can even work properly with touch controls. The 3DS is here to stay.

There is finally a decent selection of games available for the 3DS so you may as well buy one.

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For 75 bucks I would just buy one lol

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Not sure I could recommend a purchase with the current lineup in mind, but since it's backwards compatible maybe you should look to see if there are any DS games you want that would make one more worth getting.

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I like mine. I don't play handhelds much but the couple games I have for it are pretty great. Also can't wait for Kid Icarus to come in the mail. I'd say yes get it because its price point is pretty reasonable now and more games will come.

I'll wait for a significant price drop before I even consider a Vita, plus I have zero interest in any of the games on it yet.

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Don't get MGS3 on that thing. It sucks. And if you are only going to get OoT, then I'd say wait until there are more games you have interest in.

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@Landon said:

Don't get MGS3 on that thing. It sucks. And if you are only going to get OoT, then I'd say wait until there are more games you have interest in.


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@SoleVillain: In regards to Metal Gear Solid 3, I think you're better off buying the HD MGS Collection since it has the best version of that game along with MGS2 and Peace Walker. Now if you love Nintendo's first party games then you have plenty to choose from like Kid Icarus, OoT like you said, Luigi's Mansion 2, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and Star Fox 64. Then you have the eShop which has been on a roll in the past few months with great games like Pushmo, Mighty Switch Force, Link's Awakening DX, and Sakura Samurai.

If you're also into JRPGs you have Devil Survivor Overclocked, Tales of the Abyss, and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game. So yeah, 3DS is a great purchase at this point especially if there's a deal you want to take advantage of.

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If I got one I would most definitely get Mario 3d land, Zelda, kid Icarus, and possibly resident evil revaluations. And bummer about mgs3

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If you have two working eyes and dig plumbers, then sure why not?

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Lol, I technically have 1 working eye.

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I'm not sure why youre so interested in the 3DS when the normal DS didn't appeal to you, but I think it's a cool machine with a bunch of cool games youre unable/unlikely to get anywhere else. That coupled with a ton of awesome games from the last gen you really, probably should try. yeah, get one.

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Get one.

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I think a lot of it had to do with not being able to afford original ds software, having since gone from high school to a full time job.

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Do any of the games interest you?  If so buy one. If not don't.

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After hearing that there will be an Adventure Time 3DS game, I got the urge to buy one. Been mulling it over for about two weeks, and I bought one last night. I grabbed it at Gamestop because it came with a free copy of Tetris Axis. P{robably gonna end up picking up a Pokemon game of some form, as I have never played one. In fact this is my first Nintendo handheld.

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@DoctorTran said:

After hearing that there will be an Adventure Time 3DS game, I got the urge to buy one.

Uh-oh, the Adventure Time game is a DS game. Link:

Update: The Adventure Time series creator has been saying over Twitter that this Adventure Time game is indeed real, but will be coming to the DS and not 3DS. A disappointing choice if you ask me but I will get into that in a second. Below is the comment where he confirmed it is on DS:

To be clear y’all, it’s a DS game, it’s gonna be hot to trot like a horse.. a DS horse..

Don't worry though, the 3DS is awesome.


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Go buy one now.

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Hey. The 3DS still plays DS games so it's still gonna work out! Besides. I still want to play stuff like paper Mario 3ds and such.

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@ck1nd: You still doing this offer, hombre?

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If you're asking us and not impressed by the game library, then don't.

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Yes you should.:)

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Yes. The 3DS is awesome.

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I'd say yes, I only really have three 3DS games (Mario Kart 7, Starfox 64 3DS, and Kingdom Hearts DDD) but I still have put a ton of hours into the games above. I still have to get Super Mario 3D Land, the new Luigi's Mansion, and Monster Hunter 3. Plus there are a lot of games coming in the future that seem crazy fun (new Pokemon, new Pheonix Wright game, etc). Go for it.

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