SwapNote: Let the "offensive" note swapping begin.

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I've downloaded SwapNote and suffice to say it's pretty much a new and very much improved version of Pitochat with a bit of FlipNote Studio mixed in. So far I've unlocked 2 extra features, via playcoins and sending out multiple, to add photos and 5 second recordings to notes. It seems Nintendo is using the same language from Pushmo! to encourage users not to send out "offensive things. Anyways, I'm looking to mess around with it more with the people on Giantbomb. My friend code is: 326550613675

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I'll add you! (my friend code: 4725-8103-8319)

btw, it irritates me that Nintendo of Europe always has to have their own name for things ... over here it's called Letterbox ...pretty conservative. I guess Nintendo of America like their portmanteaus ...)

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So far all I've done is draw stupid faces and send them to everyone I have added.

Speaking of which; My FC Is: 2019-9680-7980



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@UCRaider: @DeF: @SotoSaki: added ya'll for some ridiculous swapping. Add me when you get a chance =D


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@Fobwashed: @SotoSaki: added you, too!

@UCRaider: you never added me since I added you :)

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