That Horrible 3DS Analog Stick Rumor Is Coming True

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#251 Posted by mcnorhymes (35 posts) -
link please.
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#252 Posted by Raineko (450 posts) -
@Chavtheworld said:
BUT YOU CAN FUCKING PLAY MONSTER HUNTER WITH ONE ANALOGUE STICK YOU TARDS WHY OH WHY CAPCOM WHY.  Just because people don't understand how to claw their hands across a console to use the dpad for viewing doesn't mean you have to make this turd. This better not become a real whole 3DS revision.
You do realize that the D-Pad on the 3DS is below the control stick so that the PSP claw is impossible, right?
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#253 Posted by plaintomato (616 posts) -

There just prepping for a redesign, making the tacky add-on so that they will be free to make games that REQUIRE two analog sticks without making games that are totally unplayable on the original 3DS. 
I'm all for it, the 3DS was broken without it, so was the PSP. It's just too bad neen10dough didn't have the foresight to hear all of the many many people begging for two analog sticks in the first place, so they had to wait for the poor sales and the coming Vita to scare them into a forced redesign.

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@LEGITLakers said:

This deeply saddens me. I have been a proud ambassador of the 3ds since June and despite the bad sales and lack of games I still had faith that this would turn out to be a wildly successful system in the long-run. This add-on greatly disappoints me and is causing me to question my faith. But who knows if it will even be necessary. Hopefully this will be like that Guitar Hero add-on for the DS and only be used for this one game/series.

There's another big rumor that kid icarus has been developed for another analog, so if true, it's sadly going to be a semi reccomended peripheral for all 3DS's, akin to a rumble pak, only this is integral to gameplay and whatnot, Really bad move on Nintendo's side. 
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#255 Posted by JuggaloAcidman (358 posts) -

Nintendo is a wierd company... Two analog sticks should be standard at this point for any gaming device!

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#256 Posted by megalowho (1124 posts) -

@Jackalol said:

i'm pretty sure that this is a third party peripheral, and is only meant to be played for monster hunter and maybe one or two other games so, uh, why is everyone losing their shit over this?

It's a first party Nintendo peripheral, and it's rumored to be part of a rebranding/repackaging of the 3DS next year as well.

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#258 Posted by godzilla_sushi (1314 posts) -

That's pretty awesome. The thing is in 3D, and 3D has really taken off. Why not make the worlds biggest handheld add-on for all those amazing Nintendo remakes from 14 years ago and Monster Hunter? Sigh...

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#259 Posted by Rising_ixa (49 posts) -

better come in fucking blue

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#260 Posted by yukoasho (2248 posts) -
@TheChadster789 said:
Typical Nintendo behavior.
Not only that, but it's a clear precursor to the redesign that we all knew was coming anyway.
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#261 Posted by bug9329 (74 posts) -

I can't wait till try tack on 3G support and then cell-phone support, and then longer battery life.  The original 3DS will be a foot thick.

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#262 Posted by Mihos (46 posts) -

I think I would be better off just purchacing the inevitble 3DSXL or whatever they call it next year that makes this standard and not an add on.

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#263 Posted by Jackalol (70 posts) -
@megalowho said:

It's a first party Nintendo peripheral, and it's rumored to be part of a rebranding/repackaging of the 3DS next year as well.

is this in the famitsu article? because i haven't seen anything else official that states that outright. 
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#264 Posted by Phenwah (58 posts) -

Like every other Nintendo peripheral, game developers will either not bother supporting it, be required by Nintendo to make the game fully-functional without it, or be required to pack it in with any game that does require it.

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... fine. Okay, fine. Put out this dumb awkward thing, Nintendo. But almost everyone better use this. Resident Evil, anything requiring camera control, everything. Obviously games like EBA or whatever don't need this, but if I see games that don't use this and desperately need camera control, I'm gonna be pissed.

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#267 Posted by Trilogy (3001 posts) -

"Are you serious?!"
That's what I said when I saw this picture. Have we traveled back to the 90s with the clunky add-on design?

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#268 Posted by Beechbone (123 posts) -

I love the looks of my 3DS but this add-on is butt-ugly.

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@megalowho: well i guess i'll eat crow then!  
still, i doubt that very many games beyond, like, a handful at most will support this. i can see it going the way of so many peripherals nintendo has put out in the past.
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#270 Posted by awadnin (294 posts) -

why nin ten do why?

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#271 Posted by liako21 (566 posts) -

really nintendo?  
on top of this DQX is an online RPG?!?!?!?!

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#272 Posted by BooDoug187 (448 posts) -

Know what this thing needs,,, 32X

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#273 Posted by Dookysharpgun (622 posts) -

This has to be a joke..right? RIGHT?!? 
Oh if it isn't then nintendo are going to get so much shit for this...
"But gamers of the world" nintendo will say "don't you want a peripheral that makes no difference to the consoles many, many flaws whatsoever? Do you not want to be treated like a 5 year old, being given the treatment equivalent to shaking keys in front of a babies face? See, we really can't tell what demographic we're going for anymore, so contradictions and really bad ideas are kind of our thing now"
Seriously, fuck this, if it's just an unfortunate mistake, and something better is coming, fine. If this is the real deal...then may god have mercy on nintendo's crippled, contorted and rotting remnants of a soul...

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#274 Posted by Nictel (2695 posts) -


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#275 Posted by wickedsc3 (1043 posts) -

Looks like a fine add-on to me. But then again I think handheld gaming systems are pointless, so take that as you will.

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#276 Posted by SlightConfuse (3996 posts) -

nintendo what ps vita does . since i have no intrest in monster hunter i will not be buying it .
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#277 Posted by miva2 (240 posts) -

why not add a fighting stick and a driving wheel too

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#278 Posted by TooWalrus (13389 posts) -

Ya know what, if it's just an addon for Monster Hunter, I've got no problem with it. However, I've now gotten my hopes up that Nintendo will release a hardware update with the 2nd stick built in. It's cool with me, because I haven't bought a 3DS yet (and because that 2nd stick would be good for Luigi's Mansion- I mean, you use the left stick to suck in the ghosts, and the right stick to change Luigi's direction- man I fucking love Luigi's Manison.

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#279 Posted by Soap (3773 posts) -

This reminds me of the late 90's so much it hurts a little

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#280 Posted by RazielCuts (3253 posts) -

Truly portable gaming (!)

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#281 Posted by 234r2we232 (3175 posts) -

Finally. Nintendo is making that Game Gear 2 everybody wanted.

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#282 Posted by leinad44 (614 posts) -

*Flashes back to the Sega CD and 3DX add-ons for the genesis*

Man, I thought we were past this. Nintendo have really dropped the ball for the 3DS.

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#283 Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN (1854 posts) -

The old Nintendo is back.

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#284 Posted by Zor (742 posts) -

Is anyone else reminded of the serious same gun thingy? I forget the name, but it was on the last quick look for serious sam, where they could just attached 6 guns together... 
I wonder when they'll add a chain saw to the 3ds...

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#285 Posted by jettpack (136 posts) -


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#286 Posted by Ohvee (153 posts) -

A whole lot of hubbub over something that is pretty insubstantial.

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#287 Posted by This_Dude (305 posts) -

Hopefully the 3DS "lite" will incorporate this extra slide pad into it's design,  along with a better battery and various other features.

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#288 Posted by DarthB (272 posts) -

only viable if they start giving them away for free.

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#289 Posted by KaneRobot (2640 posts) -

It would be cool if this add-on also added an extra "D."

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#290 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Ugh... It's looks ugly and a tad uncomfortable.

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#291 Posted by YOUNGLINK (636 posts) -

I like it a lot, whatever games its supports besides monster hunter i'll take a look at with more enthusiasm. Aside from split user bases, whats wrong with it? WHATS WRONG? eesh, sensitive ass mofos

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#292 Posted by Echoblade (2 posts) -

Can't say this looks appealing. MH in 3D will most likely add nothing to the experience as it is and the addon thing is just bizarre. Something that vital being made an addon later on down the road just baffles me.

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#293 Posted by SlackerMonkey (143 posts) -

I wonder if this was all Capcom's influence.  Aside from Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter is king in Japan.  Well either way, both Capcom and Nintendo have been acting pretty wacky lately.

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#294 Posted by Mozgus (17 posts) -

Fugly. What is Nintendo even thinking, anymore?

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#295 Posted by Saethir (365 posts) -

What is this shit? This is the ugliest thing I have seen in the last decade, peripheral-wise.

How about you just design games for the system you are making them for?

This is stupid. If I ever see someone around with this attached to their 3ds, I am slapping it out of their hands and onto the ground.

Then I'll pick it up and beating the shit out of them with it.


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#296 Posted by niftynichy (16 posts) -

God this seems like a horrible idea. Poor nintendo:(

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#297 Posted by Hairydutchman (1042 posts) -

Boy, am I glad I didn't buy one last week. I'll wait for the revision now.

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#298 Posted by Bollard (7426 posts) -
@Raineko said:
@Chavtheworld said:
BUT YOU CAN FUCKING PLAY MONSTER HUNTER WITH ONE ANALOGUE STICK YOU TARDS WHY OH WHY CAPCOM WHY.  Just because people don't understand how to claw their hands across a console to use the dpad for viewing doesn't mean you have to make this turd. This better not become a real whole 3DS revision.
You do realize that the D-Pad on the 3DS is below the control stick so that the PSP claw is impossible, right?
If anything the claw is easier on the 3DS. Controlling the Circle Pad is the easier thing to do, so doing it with your index finger isn't hard. And then it frees your thumb up to do the dpad view.
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#299 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

Oh man, this is gonna be an awesome train wreck to watch!
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#300 Posted by KILLER_CATT (69 posts) -

This looks like something out og the 90's.. It doesn't seem very comfortable to hold..

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