That Horrible 3DS Analog Stick Rumor Is Coming True

#301 Posted by ProfessorEss (7540 posts) -

Luckily for Nintendo it doesn't seem to matter how bad they screw something up they can just re-release a few games and be back on top.

#302 Posted by Generic_username (648 posts) -

Okay. Fuck it. That's it. I just can't do it anymore. I paid for your fucking 3DS that you have completely failed to make worth the money I paid so far, and now you're expecting me to buy an add-on for it. If you plan on making this dumb-ass, uncomfortable-looking thing a requirement for more games, or release a new system with it built in, and make my 3DS completely obsolete before you've even released any fucking games for it, then I'm done. I've let you kick me while I'm down over and over again, and told myself it's okay because you make great games, but this is too much. I can't be a Nintendo fanboy anymore. I'm hanging up my Mario hat. (Note that this is only the case if my current expensive-as-hell piece of hardware becomes obsolete. And releasing this awful add-on isn't going to mean my 3DS won't be made obsolete. Look at that thing. I'm supposed to hold that? Or carry it around with me? Or use something that rediculous on a bus? Here's hoping I can still play the games I want to without the stick.)
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If it's so big it should give me extra battery life, but it probably won't. Also so what you're saying is my case won't fit anymore? Just………………

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@Jensonb said:

If this is real, it demonstrates Nintendo have spent the last year going from being visionaries to idiots, and pretty much deposits all the faith I had in them.

I actually feel that they'd already been at that point for a while. Ever since the SNES, they've been screwing up, first with the decision to go with carts instead of disks on the N64, then with the abortion that was the Gamecube's online suite, then with the Wii's total failure to do anything interesting beyond the novelty of waggle, then with the 3DS's abysmal launch lineup and poor post-launch support, then with the reveal of the Wii U (although some would argue, correctly, that it has potential, it's hard not to see it going the way of the Wii) and now finally with this absurd add-on. I've realized that lately, Nintendo has just been throwing ideas at a wall and seeing what sticks. It's great that they're willing to go out and try unique things, but it just doesn't work out when they have essentially no business acumen

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@InsidiousTuna: Holy Shit! I remember this thing! I had it when I was five or six. The damn thing was heavier than I was!
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It's dumb as hell, but as long as it isn't too expensive... I can't complain about more shoulder buttons and a second stick Hopefuly it will be implimented in more then just monster hunter.

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Desperation is a stinky cologne.

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Oh my

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If only this was revealed sooner, I would've love to hear their thoughts about this on the barncast

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Do I get a brick as a carrying case as well? It'd be about just as practical.

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I got a 3DS day one. Nintendo seems determined to prove to me that was a mistake.

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@DonutFever said:
I got a 3DS day one. Nintendo seems determined to prove to me that was a mistake.
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Seams like I'm in minority here, but I think this is good. Why they didn't think of a second analog and a bunch of shoulder buttons before (PSV) is kinda strange, but I'll buy it, cause I guess it will be like $10-15, and you'll probably get one for free with some games. But they should strive towards getting it a bit smaller, it really looks big and bulky, and I don't know if you after this one can call the 3DS a portable system if they don't find a way to shrink it down a bit, cause my pockets isn't that big ^_^

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@the_dudefather said:
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I think this is just for that game, like the N64 and Saturn RAM expansion, the FFXI HDD, the DS rumble... 
I do want a 3DS XL with a better battery life, bigger screen with 640x360 rez at least and OLED type. A second analog stick seems unnecessary I think, unless ports are involved, I always saw the touch screen as the second analog stick.

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With this and the Wii U, Nintendo looks more and more desperate. Jesus christ, people, what the hell were you thinking?!  It looks like... well, a piece of plastic shit to be frank.

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@TheChadster789 said:

Typical Nintendo behavior.

Typical gamer reaction. Especially considering this is probably a Capcom peripheral. 
But hey guys, keep at it. Nintendo being dumb again, like they were when they dominated the market and forced your "real console" to copycat. 
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@LtColJaxson said:
Do I get a brick as a carrying case as well? It'd be about just as practical.
Do you ever leave your house? Then you're fine.
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Yeah I'm not gonna lie this is pretty damn weird. Then again, it's more of a niche product and I'll doubt it'll make every developer go "HEY GUYS WE SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE GAMES FOR THAT PERIPHERAL ONLY!". No biggie.

#322 Posted by byterunner (319 posts) -

@Cyrisaurus: Don't act like you know me. I don't have a problem with this right now. We know very little about the damn thing, I've heard rumors that it extends battery life, and I haven't even heard a price point yet. And yes it does look like it would be easier to hold. I have big fat hands, and the 3DS is not the most comfortable handheld ever for me, so the extra bulk can help me with holding it. So stop your damn preaching.

#323 Posted by AjayRaz (12487 posts) -

this is the best thing that i have ever seen 

#324 Posted by Tumbler (162 posts) -

This would be a smart move by nintendo if it's true. I think the Vita has more chance at being successful in the market and by not having a dual stick the 3DS is possibly losing games that a 3rd party would publish cross platform.

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@the_dudefather said:

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This would have made more sense if doing this as an add-on instead of including these things as standard features of the base 3DS unit had allowed Nintendo to debut the 3DS with a much lower price than they did.  But somehow they still charged $249 for the base 3DS at launch, even without these things that one would think ought to be standard on a dedicated handheld platform.

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It kind of makes you wonder why they didn't include a second analog stick in the first place anyway. Fair enough, most of the target audience is part of the casual crowd so most games will be simple enough to not use a second stick. But at least put one on the thing just incase. Plus it would have given developers more options when designing games too.

#328 Posted by Chris2KLee (2339 posts) -

I think I'll just wait for the obvious update now. As much as I love MH, I can't see myself playing the game with this weird add-on. Although I guess it's better than the crab claw technique...

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@the_dudefather said:
#330 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -

Wow, they've really lost it havent they?

#331 Posted by HansKaosu (757 posts) -

This is the "Kakuchou Slide Pad" from Capcom made for Monster Hunter.

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Let's see how many more pieces of plastic they can strap on to the 3DS.

#333 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -
Nintendo: Sometime in the year 2013.... 
#334 Posted by Demoskinos (15290 posts) -

@BestUsernameEver as funny as that is it wouldn't be that far fetched for Nintendo sadly

#335 Posted by phantomzxro (1584 posts) -

this thing is just really for that monster hunter game and any game like it having you use the claw formation. It would be cool and worth it if they could  throw a battery in there to add some gameplay time to the 3ds. 

#336 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1894 posts) -

Good Grief that looks terrible, I'd prefer a Nintendo 3DS Lite with better integration of the 2nd stick...

#337 Posted by ShadowDoGG (134 posts) -

This is not confirmed as being an official Nintendo product. Maybe just an addon for MH

#338 Edited by Icemael (6367 posts) -

Yeah... I think I'll just wait for the next 3DS model, which I'm sure will include it in a more natural way (and bring a number of other improvements).

#339 Posted by Reptilia (19 posts) -

might just a be a monster hunter specific peripheal. Not being pushed by nintendo, at least i hope this isnt nintendos solution. selling us some weird shit handle bar

#340 Posted by Trebz (487 posts) -

For once, I hope it's another e-Reader or GBA connectivity cable.

#341 Posted by loopy_101 (287 posts) -

Jesus christ that thing is bulky. 

#342 Posted by Roomrunner (900 posts) -
@BestUsernameEver said:
@the_dudefather said:
Fuckin' took the words (or image) out of my mouth!
#343 Posted by advocatefish (366 posts) -

There are no words that could explain how upset i am with nintendo, so i won't try.

But one thing i will ask: Why was a second analog stick not put in the original design of the system?

I didn't buy a Wii, I won't buy a Wii U and I already regret buying the 3DS. Their games just aren't worth this.

#344 Posted by leejunfan83 (1015 posts) -

Seems that Nintendo overestimated it's importance just like Sony did after the PS2's success the game industry is a fickle bitch treat her like such and the Wii-U is the second coming of the Dreamcast

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@viiral said:

This is the "Kakuchou Slide Pad" from Capcom made for Monster Hunter.

so all these fanboys should be crying about Capcom, not Nintendo? fuck.
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#347 Posted by endless_void (703 posts) -
@Dalkalopagus said:

It's dumb as hell, but as long as it isn't too expensive... I can't complain about more shoulder buttons and a second stick Hopefuly it will be implimented in more then just monster hunter.

Lol, enjoy that while i use a vita
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am I the only one that likes this?
So what if Nintendo decided to beef up the 3ds when they saw it was the best decision.  
Its gonna be like 20 bucks big whoop, I'm gonna buy it for my 3ds, and then probably buy the newer more awesome 3ds as well.  I'm a Nintendo fan, sorrryyyyyyy.
3ds is a great system and its getting upgraded.  how can that be a bad thing.

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I like Monster Hunter, but if I have to carry around a thing that looks like it'll be even LARGER than a Vita and hella ugly to boot to play it probably? Count me out.

#350 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -
@Demoskinos said:
@BestUsernameEver as funny as that is it wouldn't be that far fetched for Nintendo sadly
well look at the gameboy color. Of course most of the add ons were strictly a bonus, but still, people would be walking around with a GBC connected to a third party rumble, with a light dongle and a magnify glass screen cover, that system got so ridiculous by all the little add ons you could get. But again, all of that wasn't integral to the gameplay, but yeah, same, i can see Nintendo launching something, or a couple things after a system release and expecting people to buy it with no question or regrets. I kinda doubt they would go as far as not include a DPad, but I think that illustrates Nintendos crazy business style right now. 

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