Where do you go to find this kind of info?

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I'm in the process of selling my 3DS to put the money towards buying a 3DS XL as I hate having small screens on handhelds and I bought my 3DS -annoyingly- a few months before they announced the XL was a thing they were making. What I was wondering about however, is where do they announce if/when they are going to roll out new colours for the 3DS? I see that they have an awesome purple 3DS, but they don't have the same colour selection for the 3DSXL. I would just love to get a purple one as I grew up with the purple gameboy colour and just something about the look of it makes me happy on the insides.

So is there some place to keep an eye on for stuff like this, or do you just have to keep checking stores to see what they have? I would be willing to wait an extra month or two if it meant getting it in purple, but I don't have the patience to just sit around hoping they might someday release the thing in a colour I like.

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I would say pay attention to Nintendo news sites like GoNintendo and Nintendo Life. If a new color is coming out, it will most likely be post on those sites.

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