Why is the regular 3DS the same price as the 3DS XL?

#1 Posted by AsperGamer (174 posts) -

Why would anyone buy a regular 3DS when the 3DS XL is exactly the same price?

That is what it is in Australia. Is it the same price in other parts of the world?

What I really can't understand is why on earth anyone would buy the regular one at the same price. Prove me wrong people. Anyone here buy the regular over the XL at the same price? Also, surely they can't cost the same to produce. Does that mean one is under-priced or over-priced? I don't ever remember seeing a situation like this in the game console market before. I find it bizarre.

It does however make the XL a bargain. For the record, they are both $229 Au (a PS Vita is $349 for comparison). To clear up the "wow, you guys pay too much" comments, we get paid a lot more than the average American, with the minimum wage at $16 an hour and the average wage over $50k a year. Even the absolute worst job will get you over $30k a year.

#2 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2848 posts) -

The 3DS is $169.99 and the XL is $199.99 in the US.

#3 Posted by AsperGamer (174 posts) -

@Oscar__Explosion said:

The 3DS is $169.99 and the XL is $199.99 in the US.

That just makes the Australian pricing genuinely weird.

#4 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2848 posts) -

Also yeah no idea who would choose the original 3DS over the XL if they are the same price. I would totally love the bigger screens.

#5 Posted by AsperGamer (174 posts) -

Anyone outside the US have price variation?

#6 Posted by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

The difference is around 40€ in Finland, 170€/210€ at it's cheapest. You can pay up to 240 for an XL.

#7 Posted by GunstarRed (5972 posts) -

Maybe you want it to fit in your pocket.

#8 Posted by Jack268 (3369 posts) -

Regular 3DS is $207, XL is $328 in Sweden.

#9 Posted by fossas (263 posts) -

@GunstarRed: Word. That's why I got a vanilla 3DS instead of an XL.

#10 Posted by Snail (8790 posts) -

I would still buy a normal 3DS because it would fit in smaller pockets and games would look slightly better.

#11 Posted by Optix12 (652 posts) -

In the UK, 3DS prices on amazon are 119.99 while the 3DS XL is 158.00 but comes with resident evil, legend of zelda or super mario 3d for free so they are basically the same with the games in consideration. Im very very tempted in getting the 3DS XL with this bundle format but if the mario kart bundle sneakily includes a charger or is around the same price I may go for that.

#12 Posted by AsperGamer (174 posts) -

@GunstarRed said:

Maybe you want it to fit in your pocket.

My XL fits in my pockets easily, in every trousers I own. You are not a hipster with stove pipe tight trousers are you :?

Seems it is an Australian oddity with that price.

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