Would you like to buy a Microwaved 3DS XL, well too late!

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This may be a little late, but I just found out somebody microwaved a 3DS XL, put it on eBay and then somebody paid $2,241.00 for it. It's such an weird thing, but hey, the internet right, The guy also videoed himself doing this, its just crazy. I don't understand why you would pay way over the original price for a handheld that doesn't work. Whats more weird is that he included everything else in the box.

He signed it and dated it..


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@Kidavenger: Was there? I didn't see it. This is pretty Youtube spammy but eh.

Also what in the actual fuck, who would play $2200 for this? The video quality is ass and this guy sounds like a douche.

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@Kidavenger: Alright video gone, I didn't need thing thing anyway, because there is an actual topic here. But hey whatever.

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But I wanted to see the video :(

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@SexyToad: The video is at the bottom of the eBay page :)

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It was pretty entertaining seeing that 3ds in the microwave.

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Weird what some people consider art

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@Kidavenger said:


So what exactly is the issue, who is to blame?

  • The biggest culprit for these spam topics we've noticed are what we have affectionately dubbed 'youtube spammers' who find a random youtube video, embed it into a topic and expect discussion to come from it. When they haven't even bothered to provide adequate original commentary to inspire productive discussion value to their topic.
  • Generally we consider a topic 'youtube spam' when it consists of an embedded video accompanied by a short comment along the lines of "LOL look what I found guyz, isn't this funny? HAHAHA!" or something similar.

How do I know if the youtube video I want to make a topic about will be considered spam or not?

  • It really depends on two things - the content of the video, and the quality of the written commentary you intend to post with it.
  • Any and all content you post, upload or create on the site must always be within our rules and guidelines. These can be found within the forum rules topic.
  • Usually one or two well written and decent sized paragraphs to go along with the video should be enough for it to not be considered spam. If you feel you cannot write that reasonable and adequate amount of original commentary on the video to inspire discussion value in your topic, then chances are you shouldn't make the topic.
  • If you are an existing member of our community and put together a video about a game and attach it to the correct forum, this is probably fine to share as long as it doesn't get out of hand.

Yeah...this topic dosnt fit that description of spam, in fact it fits the description of a proper topic with a youtube video..

you are fine to have the video up.

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@thebunnyhunter said:

Weird what some people consider art

Weird what some people consider youtube spam, think its a bit alarmist for @Kidavenger: to call it that.

Anyway on topic, started watching the video on the ebay page...that guy is high/dumb as fuck, and those burnt plastic fumes probably didn't help his brain cells any.

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back to the topic,

you have to read his QA section


here's a few gems:

Q: Why would I waste $2k on this item when I could purchase my own microwave and 3DS XL for way cheaper? I'm unable to follow any sort of logical reasoning behind this eBay listing. Aug-21-12
A: Thankyou for your question. Unfortunately if you did that it would be nothing more than a knock-off of the original I am selling and knock offs are just knock offs which are just cheap imitations. You are better off just investing into the original microwaved 3DS XL Because it's professionally microwaved the proper microwaving way and its a wise investment in my opinion. I hope this helps awnser your question.

Q: why don't you try microwaving your head ( could not make you any uglier ) Aug-30-12
A: smokin_weed, This is difficult request to achieve because trying to close the door with my head inside the microwave and still operate the microwave is impossible.

had a good laugh

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Someone else asked:

Q: How big is your pp.

A: cycoys, Please eleborate on your question so I can give you a more aurate awnser. Thankyou. Aug 30, 2012

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