Nintendo's E3 1996 conference has been released to the public!!!

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Rare footage of a conference from E3 1996! From the unveiling of the N64 no less!

Now before you kids start yapping wondering why people are saying "Whoa." and "Ooohhh!!!" and "Wow" so many times, remember that gaming has been evolving for a long time, and what may not be impressive to you now would have been mind blowing in the past.
And this event was nothing short of groundbreaking for the entire game industry. Analog sticks were shown working in real time for the first time. A full explorable 3D world was shown for the first time. An actual in-game camera was shown for the first time. 
Every 3D videogame today was birthed at this very moment.
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In retrospect Nintendo 64 was a terribly shitty name.
Remember when it was called Project Reality?

#3 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5254 posts) -

I've always been wondering what really happened at that conference

#4 Posted by masternater27 (918 posts) -

I remember being super hyped for the Ultra 64.  And then seeing Super Mario 64 at a Toys 'R Us.  Oh childhood.

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That was a interesting watch.

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wow that is a giant cartridge.  Super Mario 64 was great though.

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How far games have come in 13 years.

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Watching them play Mario 64 made me want to play it. Nostalgia is awesome.

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@TeflonBilly said:
" In retrospect Nintendo 64 was a terribly shitty name. Remember when it was called Project Reality? "
People get better at naming them, especially when the gaming audience grows.

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