Official Nintendo Forums top 100 N64 games list: anyone got it?

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Back when Nintendo had official forums linked from their website (they were taken down something like five years ago), the N64 board had a stickied topic, in which everyone who cared to posted their top 10 N64 games, which were each assigned points and then arranged on a big top 100 list. Though the list was a bit heavy on the classics (Ocarina got first place, if I remember correctly), it was the best top 100 list I've ever seen because so many people weighed in.

My question to you Bombers is this: did anyone from the old Nintendo forums back up that list? I heard rumour when the forums shut down that another site had copied all the old content over and continued essentially where the Official Forums left off. Does that site still exist?

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That's a cool idea, and great that they could get so much input on it, but there were only like 300 N64 games released outside Japan. You have to figure the quality starts to drop off pretty quickly as you get down the list of the top 100.

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