Games listed in wiki as 64DD games .... problem?

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Hey guys!
I've noticed a few games listed as 64DD games that actually never came out for the system since they were only PLANNED to be released for the 64DD - like Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I don't think they should get tagged as 64DD games for that reason. There should be a note or a paragraph about that on each game's wiki page about the 64DD plans or origins but that's it. I'm not referring to canceled games but more about games like Mother 3 or Ocarina where they started out on 64DD but then were eventually only released for the regular N64 (or in Mother 3's case, the GBA).
Anyone disagree or is there even an official rule about matters like this?

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I think I watched something where a woman was a 64DD

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@ShaggyPolarBear said:

yeah you're right, maybe mods could just remove the 64DD tag from those games?

well, anyone can remove the tags on those wiki pages but I wanted to discuss it first :)
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@Cheesebob said:

I think I watched something where a woman was a 64DD

and all her expansion ports were filled

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I've now removed all 64DD tags from games that didn't actually come out on 64DD but were instead moved to regular cartridge releases as wells as games that were tagged as 64DD releases for no apparent reason (turok, wtf?)

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