Have I ran out of DS RPG's?

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So I'm looking for some more good RPG's to buy for my DS but I think I might have played them all.

So far I've finished/played most of:

All the DQ games

All the pokemon games (including mystery dungeon)

All the FF games

All the Castlevanias (they totally count as RPGs)

Fire emblem

FF tactics

Sonic the dark brotherhood

SMT: Strange Journey

Avalon Code

All the phoenix wright games (not an rpg but I love them all the same)

All the mario and luigi RPG's

Radiant Historia

Infinite Space

Chrono Trigger


Golden sun: Dark dawn


Devil Survivor

The kingdom hearts games

Rune Factory

Ghost trick (not an rpg but still awesome)

Am I missing out on anything? Even non RPG's would do if anyone has any suggestions!

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Probably. Depends on whether or not Shin Monshou no Nazo gets an English release.

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Hotel Dusk is a game that you might like.

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But it's not an RPG.

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Uh... Magical Starsign? It's not what I'd call amazing but there are certainly worse RPGs you could play. 
Honestly I think you've hit a lot of the better ones, or at least more popular. I have a hard time thinking of others you could try.

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@Video_Game_King: It seems the well has ran dry on RPG's though. As long as it's good i might check it out :p It's like an adventure game if i recall?

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Probably; I've never played Hotel Dusk.

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nope you still got quite a few left

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@kingzetta: care to elaborate instead of attempting to be clever?

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The Etrian Odyssey games? Or the closely related (only in gameplay) Dark Spire?

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Glory of Hercules, Valkyrie Profile : Covenant of the Plume (this is very much a surprisingly good game) and Devil Survivor 2 comes out next month. There are a few more I think.

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The Dark Spire. Nuts to Demons Souls, that game has it goin' on.

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Devil Survivor 2 is coming out really soon, so you will have that. Also Final Fantasy IV is a great remake too.

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@Canteu: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is a puzzle RPG. Other than that, you seem to have covered just about everything of note. I guess there's always that Solatorobo game I've seen people recommend, but I always question their objectivity, given that just about every publication said the game wasn't anything special.

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Devil Survivor 2 is comming out for DS soon if not already.

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Did you play all the Rune Factory games? I've played a bit of 3 and I like the changes they made. (Although they may have made them in 2, but I never played that one.)

Also, this might help you out.


Edit: Just saw Clash of Heroes on that list. PLAY THAT GAME. It's more strategy/puzzle game with RPG elements, but it is fucking awesome.

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Legacy of Ys: Books I & II

Sands of Destruction

Etrain Odyssey II

Phantasy Star 0

Black Sigil

Suikoden Tierkreis

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@macgetmalled: i had no idea there was a valkyrie profile game for the DS. Gonna have to find me that one, love those games.

@BisonHero: I played that on the 360, don't really want to buy it twice but it is quite good.

@Sinkwater: I only played RF3 i think. thanks for the list

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By all the FF games, does that include FFXII Revenant Wings? If not, get that.

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@kuz101: It actually doesn't! But this is only because i fucking loathe FFXII.

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@Canteu said:

@kingzetta: care to elaborate instead of attempting to be clever?

sands of destruction, rune factory 2 and 3, Lumious arc 1 and 2,   Phantasy Star 0, devil survivor 1 and 2, Ragnarok  
according to gamestop there are 188 DS RPGs
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@kingzetta: I'm looking for good ones though. Not every RPG is a banger. Thanks for the suggestions.

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here i found a few if this helps

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow

Blue Dragon Plus

Radiant Historia

i'm just going off what the internet tells me but you can check them out if you want

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@Canteu said:

@kuz101: It actually doesn't! But this is only because i fucking loathe FFXII.

Revenant Wings is an RTS with a few RPG elements. I'd say it's oddly close to something like WC3 in a lot of ways. Hero characters with equipment and then soldiers you use resources to summon and draw boxes around to make them attack and crap. Though there is no buildings or resource gathering like a traditional RTS. 
Also the game is kinda hard, near the end and side stuff specifically.
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@Zenaxzd: that sounds like the tits! I'm pretty sure i saw a cheap copy the other day. Also, i enjoy games which skew to the hard side of things.

@MonkeyMitcho: Radiant historia is probably my favourite DS game of all time. I liked the 360 blue dragon so i spose i'll give that a try.

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All the Professor Layton games (not an rpg but I love them all the same)

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@BeachThunder: I tried them but frankly they're not my type of game. Although i do see the appeal and they're very well made.

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@Canteu said:

Here is a link to an IGN article which gives some DS RPG suggestions that you didn't list.

Here is a list of RPG's that I found after a quick Google search. Not all of them are guaranteed good, but you should be able to find one that strikes your fancy.

And have you played Mario 64 yet? Did you know that was on the DS?

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I liked Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island for the DS although it's definitely an acquired taste. This Atelier title is more about resource gathering and managing a business than a traditional RPG. The combat is formulaic turn-based, and it can be cryptic in how to proceed at times. If you don't like stuff like the alchemy pot in Dragon Quest games, then this one is not for you. I did like it because it was slowly paced and the dialogue was very funny at times. I laughed out loud more than once while playing this game. Having said that, it's not for everyone.

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@believer258: Played that on the N64. No real intention to play it on the DS.

Thanks for that list though. I did google search this but i wanted opinions, of which i have received in spades!

@PenguinDust: Sounds very interesting to me, almost similar to Reccetear, which i loved.

It seems a bit out of my price range however, as it looks like it's hard to find and priced accordingly :(

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The World Ends With You is a fantastic DS action RPG with an engaging story and an experience that i haven't felt in a while with a game before

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@Scalptre: I've already played that, and quite honestly that game just pisses me off. The combat is not very well thought out and leads to deaths beyond the players control far too often.

Went to check grainger games today and i picked up copies of Etrian Odyssey III and FFXII: Revenant wings. Both are pretty awesome, but i can't believe i've missed Etrian Odyssey for so long! So thanks for the suggestions, i'll see if i can find the rest when i'm done with these two.

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