Modding a DS Lite

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Recently I got a clear Gameboy Pocket and couldn't help but notice that it is dope as fuck.

It wasn't long before I wished I had a clear DS as well, so I did some research.

Replacement cases for DS Lites cost about TEN DOLLARS.

And I can even get this super-hype crystal pink one.

Seems like at the worst I may need to solder two wires, which I think I can handle. I don't play my DS much, so it wouldn't break my heart if I ruined it, and I could still set it with my collection just to look nice.

Anyone do any case modding for a DS in the past? How'd it go for you?

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Well, after about 5 weeks coming through customs, the case came, and VIOLA!

Here is the finished product:

There is a small shred of plastic behind the LCD panel, I'll have to open it to get it out of there. 4 screws and that back plate comes off. Also, they write big "L" and "R"s on the back of the top LCD panel.

The interior surface is frosted, while the exterior is smooth plastic. The case kit came with replacement screen protectors, but mine weren't to the point of needing to be replaced just yet. I'll keep them in case the protectors get all fucked up.

My biggest mistake was using the replacement hinge spring that came with it. The one in the old case was fine, and this one is pretty weak, but still holds open at the same angles that the regular DS does. When closed, it does not stay closed tightly. It's a bit loose.

Despite being made in china, it has all the Nintendo DS rigmarole on the bottom. The GBA slot cover and stylus also came in hot, hot pink.

Here it is up and running, playing THE ONLY DS GAME WORTH A DAMN. Getting the ribbon cable (the gold band above the D-pad / beneath the left speaker) through the hinge and seated in its socket was the most difficult part of the whole reassembly. It is pretty fragile, and if you bend it, it will be ruined. Also, you have to make sure it's pushed all the way in the socket, or neither screen will work.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. It works as it did before, and is pleasing to the eye / unique.

If you're comfortable taking apart things and putting them back together, I'd say give it a shot. Keep in mind that these cases are Chinese reproductions, so the fit and finish can be a little rough or off in spots, but guess what.... CHINA DON'T CARE.

P.S.: I said that the process might require soldering, it does not. The instructions I had read only de-soldered and re-soldered a wire because he didn't want to pass it under the DS game cart reader. It wasn't that hard to poke under there.

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That does look nice - you have to appreciate how basic the guts of the thing are. I've got a real soft spot for the DS Lite, despite the many revisions since. I'll probably do this if I ever lose a shoulder button, or something like that.

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That's a nice case. I might buy myself a new case. I'm gonna go see if they have light up ones.

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@psylah: That's really quite cool! Glad it came out so well. Kind of makes me wish they'd release clear plastic versions of the 3DS.

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@SexyToad said:

That's a nice case. I might buy myself a new case. I'm gonna go see if they have light up ones.

Ones with LEDs for show that will turn on and off with the system will probably need to be soldered to the main board.

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That is awesome.

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Man that actually look's really nice. Now I want a crystal case replacement for my 3DS. Or anything else that you could put a crystal case on.

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that is wicked nice.

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That's pretty swaggadocious. I miss my Atomic Purple Game Boy Color.

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@Bigandtasty said:

That's pretty swaggadocious. I miss my Atomic Purple Game Boy Color.

I had the purple translucent glacier GBA that I traded in for an SP. Even though the SP was all-around better, I still liked the design of the advance. I shoulda kept it, I'll have to buy another.

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I had a glacier GBA too! Didn't like it as much as the purple GBC, though. (And purple N64 controller to match)

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If anyone was interested, I got the replacement case here, and once again, I'll say that I suggest using the original barrel hinge if the one in your DS works fine. The aftermarket one is kinda poor.

In the meantime I'm already looking to do a clear case for my PS2 slim.

I'll have to buy a second PS2 though, I still play the slim that I have and I don't want to risk destroying it.

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my gf would like that. she likes pink stuff.

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@Bell_End: YEAH SHE DOES... :D....:D...

I'll go.

Also to keep it on topic, awesome work on the modding!

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