My mom wants a DS

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my mom is 65 and has never touched any form of console before.. she was talking about how she might want a Nintendo DS. She has a very simple PC on which she plays simple games on, like solitair.

she wants a DS so she can do this sort of stuff in bed before sleeping.. obviously my mom is not that good with computers but im confident that the simplicity of Nintendo consoles is manageable for her.

Does anybody know of good games for her?

She likes card games and word games like Solitair, Mahjong, Scrabble.. stuff like that. The typical family fun games she can play on her own (against the computer).

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Professor Layton seems like a good fit.

#3 Posted by Talis12 (522 posts) -

cool, anything else?

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Crosswords, and scribblenauts.

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Surely there's a Bejewelled game on the DS, if so that could be a good one.

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Old people love Brain Age. And my grandad (74) loves Bejeweled, which he calls "my jewel game."

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#8 Posted by Talis12 (522 posts) -

lol the japanese stuff aint her thing

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Tetris, Picross 3D, any of the Layton series, Puzzle Quest.

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I know what your mom wants.

I'm sorry . . . I'm sorry!

(dude, Picross 3D is awesome and quite addicting)

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Get one of those WarioWare games ? And also get the DSi XL (?)

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Picross 3D and Crosswords DS.

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Hotel Dusk? and maybe the Pheonix Wright games....

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Picross 3D is only the best puzzle game ever! ... so I'm chiming in with that :)

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Picross 3D is a great game. It may look hard on the outside but the game has a very gentle learning curve and the game's tutorials are very easy to understand. The controls are simple(stylus only) and it has a very charming presentation. There are also very many levels so she won't have to buy any games more games in the near future.Definitely get her this game.

The brain training series of games are a great choice as well. They have nice daily events which I'm sure will keep her occupied for a while.I'm not sure about the games supposed +ve effects on the brain but the game is still surprisingly fun.

Also if possible try and take her to the store with you so she can get a feel of the device and from there she can decide if she wants the DsLite, Dsi or DSi XL. Btw the XL does come pre-installed with a copy of brain training and club house games ( so you can save some money on the games.

Finally, I know this is off topic but have you considered getting her an Ipod touch instead? Most of the games on the platform are really simple and dirt cheap or free in most cases. You can hook her up with an itunes account and from there she can buy games on her own. Also most of the puzzle games you've said she enjoys have decent ios versions.

Anyway good luck and hopefully your mum loves her new gaming platform.

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