Netflix On DSi?

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Following the advent of larger DS screens seen on both DSi and the new DSi XL model, it seems Netflix are now pondering about whether to bring it's on-demand video service to DSi. 
 A recent Netflix survey:

Imagine that Netflix offers its subscribers the ability to instantly watch movies and & TV episodes on their Nintendo DS. The selection available to instantly watch includes some new releases, lots of classics and TV episodes. 

There are no advertisements or trailers, and movies start in as little as 30 seconds. You can fast-forward, rewind, and pause or watch again. The movies & TV episodes you instantly watch are included in your Netflix membership at no additional fee.

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Your on fire with the news arent you?

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@Yukoei said:
" Your on fire with the news arent you? "
He always is  :-) 
This sounds like a cool idea, but something we are unlikely to see in Australia, let alone me using.  Still looking forward to the DSi XL launch - big screens FTW.
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Hell yeah, why not? 
If anyone answers anything but "Yes", they are answering incorrectly.

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They want to bring it to DSi but haven't brought it to the iPhone yet? Bah!

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I REALLY don't think that netflix would be a quality movie experience on the DS.
When would you use such a service? Maybe where there are no TVs and all you have is a mysteriously open and stable wireless connection.
Even then, youre still watching a tiny, sub-par quality screen. I prefer bigger and better quality screens, not the other way around.
I suppose you could watch movies by yourself, on a small inferior screen, and discourage others from being able to enjoy a movie with you.
But why do that when there are far better alternatives? Id rather wait and watch a movie later, than watch in on a DSi screen
Netflix on the DSi? No thanks.
MAYBE on the next DS if they significantly improve the hardware.

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@daze0f_theweak said:
" I don't think the Wii has the hardware to do netflix well. So I REALLY don't think that netflix would be good for the DS. Has anyone tried to stream a video on the Wii's Browser? It'll fail 20 minutes in. Also the graphics card can't handle HD. So image that, but with the computer power cut 400%. Why would you want that?Besides, when would you use such a service? Maybe where there are no TVs and all you have is a mysteriously open and stable wireless connection. Even then, it would be the opposite of HD and be a complete anti-social movie watching experience. That is IF the DSi didnt drop the connection.  Netflix on the DSi? No thanks. Maybe on the next DS. "
1. Hardly any content on Netflix is in high definition 
2. Most of it will be streamed at 480p 
3. The Wii disc for Netflix streaming will be similar to the PS3 disc for streaming; it is not a web broswer 
4. What the fuck does HD have to do with social movie watching? Can't you watch movies for yourself? 
I just destroyed your post. You owe me an apology.
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@Emilio: oh man, nice.  
netflix on my DS? sounds a bit odd but i'm all for it. 
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@AjayRaz said:
" @Emilio: oh man, nice.   netflix on my DS? sounds a bit odd but i'm all for it.  "
The way I see it, if I'm paying 9 bucks a month for free streaming and 1 disc at a time, why not have streaming on every device I have? 
I know people are thinking "Why not PSP? Why not iPhone?" Well to tell you the truth, why not? 
See folks, Netflix is very much interested in getting their catalog to your viewing eyes. They want you to have your movies where ever you go. The whole DSi thing is simply one of their projects to do so. 
Of course there will be iPhone Netflix. Of course there will be PSP Netflix. Its just that they are trying to find all possible options for movie streaming before falling into the most obvious choices. 
And lets not forget, Sony also has a big stake in movies on their PSP services, so in a good way, this is clear competition for the device.
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You know, everyday I think to myself while playing my DS game and watching TV "if only I didn't have to play this stupid fun game and look at this awfully convenient big screen"... yeah, no thanks.

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