New DSi Model To Be Released In Japan

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Japanese paper Nihon Keizai Shimbun reports that Nintendo will be releasing a DSi hardware revision by the end of the year.

The new DSi: BS (Big Screen) which is planned to be released domestically, is simply the current DSi with a much larger screen. The screen size is over four inches, well above the current DSi model's 3.25 inch size. Nintendo aims to expand use for the system to movies and digital books, to provide similar services that mobile phones like the DOCOMO range in Japan offer. They also aim to increase demand amongst seniors who might have have problems seeing the screens on current models.

The pricing for the new system is expected to be about the same as the current model - ¥18,900 in Japan. On the evidence of the article which states calender year as opposed to fiscal, it should launch by December this year.  

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I wonder if it will make it out of Japan and I also wonder how the resolution will look on the games.  Either way, I am done for DS consoles and expect DS2 or a new Gameboy by the end of next year.

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Awesome for people who don't own a DSi yet.

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I wonder also, it does seem very Japanese centric. 
Nikkei are reporting the same story, and they were on the money last year as far as the DSi release.

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@Emandudeguyperson: It would have been helpful if you posted this in the right forum.
Either way, we should move this discussion there.
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" I already posted this. "
Aye, in the wrong forum with little substance to the OP other than a link. 
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Famitsu of Japan have contacted Nintendo regarding the DSi: BS article found in Nikkei, and they received the following reply: 
 "We conducted no interviews We believe it was an article based on conjecture."     

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Sounds a bit pointless, but at least it shouldn't piss off DSi owners since it's not necessarily better. The larger screen is, well, larger, but that also means you'll be able to see the visual flaws more evidently as the resolution remains the same, so, it's up to preference.

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