RPGs with good story

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I was in the mood for a good RPG for the DS.  
Any suggestion for one with an interesting plot?

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DQIX is not a story driven game by any means but is excellent if you just want some old school JRPG fun with a fully customizable party - can't comment on 4 Heroes.
SMT: Devil Summoner had, imo, a fairly engaging and a-typical RPG story - set in Modern day Tokyo you find yourself trapped when Martial Law is declared in response to a Demon Outbreak - you've got to find a way out of the city in 5 days or find a way to stop the disaster. Tactics style gameplay.

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I'm always on the looking for good RPG's myself on any console(except 360). I'm an old school RPG gamer and I have been playing Chrono Trigger on DS and pokemon platinum. I also picked up Dragon Quest IX but haven't touched it yet.

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If Pokemon is considered an RPG... Then that. It has a very deep psychological story.

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The world ends with you is my favourite ds rpg by far. It's very action oriented and has a genius battle system. 
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor is another great one, strategy rpgs aren't for everyone, but this is a particularly good one. 
Then there is always Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest IX for more old school rpgs.

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