What is the best NES soundtrack?

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Stemming from an argument between Video_Game_King and myself, after I posted a status claiming that Mega Man music is the epitome of 8-bit and he refuted with Duck Tales and Cocoron (an obscure platformer which he is decidedly obsessed with). Anyway, I'm wondering what the Giant Bomb community considers to be the BEST NES soundtracks. Attached are a couple videos of my favorites, and a few videos of this strange Cocoron game because Video_Game_King asked me to: 
Also, when I say Super Mario Bros. or Mega Man or Castlevania, it means the franchise as a whole, not just the first game.





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 Video_Game_King has great taste. I gotta go with Duck Tales.

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Is Final Fantasy III a legitimate answer? It's technically Famicom, but...

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@EternalInfinity0 said:
" Is Final Fantasy III a legitimate answer? It's technically Famicom, but... "
Yeah, I said Final Fantasy but that encompasses Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III. I meant the poll choices in a franchise sense, so Super Mario Bros. would include 2 and 3.
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Cheetahmen 2 

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I say that Castlevania has the best soundtrack.

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If we were talking about single games you could make a strong argument for Ninja Gaiden having the best soundtrack, but as series Mega Man and Castlevania have tons of great tracks.

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  One of my absolute favorite gaming tunes of all time.
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I'll go with MegaMan, but it's a little unfair considering just how much music it's got going for it.

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Mega Man has great music.

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Oh shit looks what i dun. 

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This is my personal favorite NES soundtrack, Golgo 13 Top Secret Episode. If you ask me, the game's kinda crap, but the theme is pretty damn awesome for a NES era soundtrack.  

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Im surprised by the no votes for Super Mario Bros.

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I have to give it to Mega Man, specifically Mega Man II. However, 'The Moon' From Duck Tales is a great track. 

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It's funny cause I don't see a 'River City Ransom is as far as the NES ever took gaming' option.

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Easily Mega Man!

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I promised that I'd fuck this up for you:


Also doesn't hurt to remember that the Game Boy was 8-bit, meaning everything Pokemon is 8-bit:

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