More Nintendo Land music greatness: the 'jukebox' prize

#1 Posted by mrhaydel (49 posts) -

I have no idea if the order of the prizes you unlock via the pachinko game is fixed or random, but, I 'opened' the jukebox one last night, and even though it only had one song in it, that one song was just as great as the intro/loading music, and the 8-bit rendition of the Main Plaza theme.

I won't say what game it came from so as not to spoil the surprise (if that'd even be considered a spoiler), but if there really are as many songs as there are 'buttons' on that jukebox, and they're all as good as what I've heard so far, this game could rival Hotline Miami for soundtrack of the year!

I spent a bit of time seeing if anyone had begun ripping those songs, but, those may be too deep of a cut for now. :-)

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