Calling all Red Names!

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#51 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8610 posts) -

N-Girl for life!

#52 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11573 posts) -

Nintendo will always be my favorite, but I play most of my games on the PS3, and I like the blue color.

Also, I still think there should be one for Sega. THE DREAM WILL NEVER DIE!!!

#53 Posted by ImHungry (377 posts) -

Xenoblade is summoning the red names to arms.

#54 Posted by Jimbo (10113 posts) -

@AjayRaz said:

yea it's weird. i have a blue name just because i like the color blue. if anything, i play my xbox a lot more than my PS3 so i guess my alignment is pretty much useless.

@ShadowConqueror said:

I only chose it for the name colour.

Stop ruining the system!

#55 Posted by Hailinel (25205 posts) -

@James_Giant_Peach: I've come to notice that you enjoy trolling Nintendo-related threads. Perhaps you should leave them to people with actual interest in the topics.

#56 Posted by Winternet (8088 posts) -

White Supremacy is the best!

Well, that didn't come out right.

#57 Posted by DeF (5015 posts) -

@FluxWaveZ said:

The red faction died along with LinkyShinks and Oldschool.

poor THQ

#58 Posted by frankfartmouth (1031 posts) -

I'm a huge Nintendo fan. In fact, they're still probably my favorite software developer, but by no means do I maintain a sycophantic allegiance to them at the exclusion of all the other brilliant gamemakers out there. I'd never want to limit myself to any one type of gaming. And besides, that's about all the Wii is good for--the first party games. Of all the systems out there, the Wii has the narrowest appeal. You could get by with just a 360, just a PS3, or just a PC. But just a Wii and nothing else? That would be pure balls.

#59 Posted by mordukai (7228 posts) -

I just like my name in red.

#60 Posted by Slag (5190 posts) -

Well I play them all which is why pick Neutral, but Nintendo is my favorite dev.

In a pick one company's and only one company's games to take with you to a desert island situation, they;' be the ones I'd pick.

#61 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -

I could not imagine caring enough about a corporation to associate myself with them...

...unless we has an orange Valve option anyway...

#62 Posted by Dalai (7113 posts) -

Okay, you've talked me into doing it. 
It's been a long time, Nintendo.

#63 Posted by Dagbiker (6978 posts) -

One for sega would be great

#64 Posted by Galiant (2197 posts) -

I chose blue because I like the color.

#65 Posted by MHumphreys89 (731 posts) -
@BeachThunder said:

@PeasantAbuse said:

I want a purple name.

I approve of this.

#66 Posted by JustKamToo (763 posts) -

I've always found Nintendo games fun and a stressless experience so I've always been a fan but these days I have to admit that I play more in the PC / Xbox, alas my Wii get's little playtime and if it does it's more likely to be a Gamecube game than a Wii one.

#67 Posted by TechHits (1393 posts) -

@iAmJohn said:

Colored names are dumb.

that's racist

#68 Posted by DarthOrange (3932 posts) -

Screw it I'm switching. From now on I am red!

#69 Posted by mandude (2666 posts) -

Defaulters will be dealt with!

#70 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5159 posts) -

I like my PC and the white color, so it works out pretty well.

@Winternet said:

White Supremacy is the best!

Well, that didn't come out right.

No, it is not.

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