E3 2011 - Nintendo Press Conference Discussion

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Reggie confirms it's 1080p to G4
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Did you guys not watch the same Conference as me? That new console and controller look fucking awesome. I can't WAIT to see what developers come up with. In fact this is the only press conference I watched from start to finish without being bored. And I haven't even touched my Wii for a very very long time... I loved the speeches, very inspiring and it looks like they actually still care about us hardcore gamers. Outstanding job Nintendo.

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Reggie just stated on G4, it is a new console, well, there is a new console, and it is going to be able to do 1080p.  They focus on the controller since that is the big draw, the console itself is a... well... console...

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I like the screen, but that controller looks fucking uncomfortable. I think the online components of the system will make-or-break whether this console wins over the hardcore audience, and the only mention of that was a slight remark by EA. Nintendo needs its own Xbox Live or nobody is going to care about video chat, Miis, and customization, just like they didn't really care about that stuff on Wii.

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It would be cool if you could play co-op with a Wii-mote or something.   Your buddies would be flailing around with the wii-motes all the while you're chillin' on the couch playing a mini game to raise their power bar or something. *shrug*

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Honestly, this seems like it could have waited to be announced until next E3 and have one of those moments of "And it'll be available this week" moments.  They didn't really have enough to show in my opinion.  I'm interested but it sucks that we won't see anything significant about this for quite some time most likely.

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@Osiris said:
Did you guys not watch the same Conference as me? That new console and controller look fucking awesome. I can't WAIT to see what developers come up with. In fact this is the only press conference I watched from start to finish without being bored. And I haven't even touched my Wii for a very very long time... I loved the speeches, very inspiring and it looks like they actually still care about us hardcore gamers. Outstanding job Nintendo.
Hey, it looks cool.  I'm just wary because Nintendo's last "innovative" system ended up gathering dust in everyone's back rooms, and the only worthwhile games for the system didn't even need the stupid motion controls.  I see potential for this, but there's also potential for a lot of shitty implementation, which is bound to happen.
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@dreDREb13 said:
@Ventilaator said:
While everyone else is too busy staring at their screens with a confused look on their faces, I've been totally converted.  Haven't owned a Nintendo system since the SNES. Laughed at the Wii when it was announced. Laughed at the Wii while watching every Nintendo E3 conference since.  TOTALLY GETTING THIS  First thing that pops into my mind looking at the controller is an RPG. You always have to go into a menu to access your items and equipment and such. You could totally have that screen available the whole time, in the controller.   That thing totally just eliminated the need for pause menu screens. 
So you would buy that just so you could hop into your inventory whenever you needed...  You realize you would have to pause playing the game in order to sort through what you want to grab, right?
Not JUST because of that, that's just the first thing that came to mind. You can make shit way more convenient by removing shit off the screen like that.
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So many uses I see. Imagine playing a game and you are in the middle of a mission and your wife/husband or kid wants to watch something on TV. No probs, i'll just let it stream to my controller and continue while you watch TV and I can keep you company. Fantastic.

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So there is a new console... but we didn't get to know anything about it until after the conference? Great job nintendo...

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Yeah...what happened?  Nothing was shown.  They should've at least said it's a new console, but there's a controller that we're focusing on.

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I guess I'll be sticking with Sony and Microsoft. 

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I'm just wondering how comfortable the controller is to use. Seems pretty crazy how many interfaces devs will have available to take advantage of. Exciting, though difficult to imagine. It's always hard though to understand what these Nintendo things will feel like until you actually get hands-on.
Really want to see how it'll be graphically. Want to see a proper nintendo game in action. Keighley was speaking as though that zelda clip was just a part of something longer. It looked nice.
It was pretty good overall, but left me feeling confused more so than being super excited.

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I just look at it like this: The Wii, to me is meh. fun to play with my kids every once in a while but that's it. The ps3 and xbox 360 are both very good consoles but lack innovation. More sequels with the same controls is not always the best way to go. The PS3 got PS: MOVE, while it is cool it just doesn't do it for me, I already dislike playing Wii so much. The Xbox 360 has Kinect, which is also very cool but doesn't always work great and to be fair, no hardcore gamer couldn't care less. The WiiU however with the new controller brings everything the Wii has (which means a good time with my family) and more, with that screen and nice graphics to me, the WiiU outshines anything else on the current market. Of course we don't know what Sony and MS will come up with in the future. Pricing, controller comfort etc. all still need to be discussed in the future BUT I think the new controller is amazing!

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@Osiris said:

Did you guys not watch the same Conference as me? That new console and controller look fucking awesome. I can't WAIT to see what developers come up with. In fact this is the only press conference I watched from start to finish without being bored. And I haven't even touched my Wii for a very very long time... I loved the speeches, very inspiring and it looks like they actually still care about us hardcore gamers. Outstanding job Nintendo.

Yeah, and the Wii could have been awesome too. We're still WAITING to see developers come up with fun stuff. Developers aren't creative, and they aren't going to put man-hours into being creative for just one console. It's going to be Nintendo doing innovative stuff with the controller, and a few 3rd parties copping their style for some shovelware. The rest will be straight ports, with a little bit of touchscreen addition, like play-calling on Madden. That's why the online will be important, because almost every 3rd party game will be exactly the same as it is on other consoles that people already own.

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Looks like a really neat concept to me - potential for lots of interesting interactions. No idea how it'll pan out, but chances are it'll do pretty well. Holding back any criticism until I actually get a chance to use one.

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@Anwar said:

Geoff's interview with Reggie is more informative than the press conference, WOW

Yeah, glad they are doing this interview
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The new console seems kind of neat to me, appeals to me more than the Wii did.  Wish there was more shown about the console itself but it's understandable that the focus was on the controller.
The price for those controllers has to be high though, will be interesting to see what it's set at.

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where is this interview?

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So yeah, why are they waiting to reveal all this other shit later in the week?  Seems like they should give out all the information they are willing to give out now during the conference.  (In reference to this interview)

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Color me impressed.

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@Anwar said:

SHIEEET '3ds has 'meh' games', now THAT is journalism

WIi U confirmed NO Blu-ray!

So in three or four years WiiU games will come on 3 or 4 disks.

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He says the system is 1080p..... !

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@Claude: Reggie said it was proprietary and that storage wouldn't limit games at all.  He did say it would be optical media though.
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@xobballox said:

@Claude: Reggie said it was a proprietary and that storage wouldn't limit games at all. He did say it would be optical media though.

Well, I guess without a Blu-Ray drive it would make the console cheaper.

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I had to miss the Nintendo conference. How was it?

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@CitizenKane: It was alright, it was really confusing at first (before the information after the conference) as the WiiU seemed like just a controller that was a console.  They didn't show the console except for very small images in the background.
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@CitizenKane said:

I had to miss the Nintendo conference. How was it?

You missed amazingness. No joke.

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Just read the whole thread... I really didn't think it was that hard to understand what was going on. Yeah, initially when they announced the Wii U (utterly awful name, groan inducing) it took a second, but the idea that this was some Wii add-on takes a special kind of "jumping to conclusions".  
I'm really looking forward to getting this thing in my hand, both for the visual prowess (that Zelda looked beautiful) and the applications (the art thing was very appealing).  

Unfortunately Nintendo's show, like the others, had next to nothing in the way of new game announcements, making E3 2011 as a whole easily the most boring that I've bothered to watch. The winner? No one. They were equally awful presentations. 

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Simply by watching that GT trailer, that controller looks pretty stupid.

I'll watch the whole press conference later.

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Too me that controller looks horrible. Seems like they maybe rushed things out for E3? I''ve never once wanted to switch from playing on my TV to a screen in the middle of the now heavy controller in my hands.

I don't know if it's just me, and I cant really comment until I have seen the actual Wii U (wtf btw?) in action, but i'm rather worried the way gaming is going during this E3. It's a shame because I was really hyped for this console, especially the way they were saying it would also target hardcore gamers, but that controller? No thanks. I really cannot see who is going to buy this... Still better wait until we see it played until we judge however.

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Don't get how people can say this controller is stupid. It looks simply amazing and oh so comfortable. Plus the screen will mean amazing little additions to games. 
Also Where the hell is the list for all the games that were featured in E3? In the MS and Sony threads there are a bunch of games listed in the first post.

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Nintendo really rocked it this year.  I mean they basically sold me on a portable and new console, brought back nearly all my favorite sereis, and have got all new 3rd party support ready to go.  I'm vastly impressed.
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@buckybit said:

Let's remind ourselves; it's hard to have an informative opinion from watching pictures and videos on the Internet.

Only hands-on experience allows for a valid comment, IMHO.

All we do here is talk to ourselves based on our own predjudice and fueled in our obsessive nature by a common fraction of the audience these Conferences are trying to reach.

I don't mind reading all these comments. It's just that this is all volatile and unsubstantial.

It would help if people would come up with arguments why something is good or bad? If you think something is stupid,

  • WHY is it stupid?
  • WHY is it boring?
  • WHY is it good (or bad)?

Try to use arguments, please? You all are talking to strangers on the Internet, who never met you. I don't know your tastes and preferences. Explaining something that you criticize or endorse makes reading all these threads less of a waste of (my/others) time?

True but then..
 All Video footage of up coming game titles other then Wii Exclusives were Video of them running on other consoles.
When you have comments from Nintendo of :

Nintendo of America chief Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed that to be the case in an interview with GameTrailers, where he also points out that the eventual Wii U games will look at least as good as their PS3 / 360 counterparts. Which is why, in his eyes, it's okay to show us those games being played on the competition's (current-gen) hardware.

This is disturbing. Judging on all other consoles how developers take a bit of time to get the games look sweet on a new console this is worrying.
This thing is out in 2012 at some point, it clearly is a next gen machine.
When you have even Nintendo already saying that it will at least look as good as consoles YEARS old this can become very date very quickly. All looks pretty cool now but for 2012 - I think people will be disinterested.
E3 2012 and a new Xbox reveal and while I think Sony still has more run on the PS3 they may say something about their console (although I think a PS4 is likely to be 2013 at least) and with both MS and Sony running Bother current and next Gen machines simultaneously for some time(PS2 still does quite well!) Their new consoles will be clearly next gen.
I just really get the feeling that this thing will feel dated on release.
Shares and Shareholders do not feel very confident with it either:
Shares raised on the Wii reveal.
While the 3DS got shares up, Nintendo are still on a 5 year low.
You have the will sales falling rapidly while the 360 for example is on the up:

It is still some time till 2012 and a will U Release.
What are developers supposed to do? Nintendo wii titles are not looking plentiful as it is for this year and as a developer you can not waste time on the old console when you need to work on the new one and what decisions do you make about your game? The often trend you get is that games being made for the old console get delayed as they re-engineer for the new console.
 You have the PSVita competitively priced with the 3DS and not everyone convinced with the 3DS and the price of the machine while I still think global sales will do well for Nintendo I do not think it will be as a big of a seller as previous handhelds due to things like the tablets like the ipad and mobile phone gaming like the iphone with $4 or less games being quick throw away fun.
Add to this Nintendo just still do not quite get the online experience and you have Xbox Live just getting better and better and Sony while still not quite getting it themselves also improving greatly and both consoles offering not just a good gaming and online experience but a good Media content option for owners.
You have to say, putting all these peace together it does seem that Nintendo are going to really have a not so good year this year with things potentially being worse in 2012.
This could be a real hurt locker for a bit for them and I just hope for the industry sake they can go through it otherwise they will go the way of sega and be a software company. But the more I think of it likely hood of this for me is going up. Talking 4% for example from 2% chance but still... This is going to be a tough time for Nintendo.

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