E3 2012 - Nintendo Press Conference Discussion

#351 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7779 posts) -

My body is ready!

#352 Posted by theoldhouse (437 posts) -

So Reggie clearly had this guys family hostage. He seems terrified.

#353 Posted by Ducksworth (670 posts) -

Hopefully we're done with all the horrible banter now.

#354 Posted by hershelgeorgelives (86 posts) -

Already more interesting than the crap yesterday.

#355 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7779 posts) -

@theoldhouse said:

So Reggie clearly had this guys family hostage. He seems terrified.

Haha, he probably did.

Also, third party games. Half Life 3...DS? There is no way in hell but how fucking hilarious would that be?

#356 Posted by theoldhouse (437 posts) -

Awkward Silence

#357 Posted by Ducksworth (670 posts) -

Two non-dancing games in a row? I think that's a record for this E3.

#358 Posted by theoldhouse (437 posts) -

@Ducksworth said:

Two games in a row? I think that's a record for this E3.

#359 Posted by hershelgeorgelives (86 posts) -

Power of illusion!!11111 This conference wins E3!

#360 Posted by Zor (707 posts) -

Gah, a Castlevania game, must resist urge to buy a 3DS.. must wait for redesign whenever that happens....

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Mickey looks like the old Disney games with Ariel on the PC. Nostalgia might hit, especially with the paint.

Oh great, now I have to help people to level up. :/ Mario Papier.

Conference is extremely predictable!

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yeah this stuff should all have been in the main conference. I know they wanted to concentrate on the wii U but they clearly didn't have enough.

Paper Mario! this is enjoyable! not an emotion I have yet felt at E3

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Looks like fun, Paper mario is pretty awesome.

#364 Posted by theoldhouse (437 posts) -

It looks gorgeous and I am very glad to see it's turned based again.

#365 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7779 posts) -

Kingdom Hearts time, fuck yeah!

#366 Posted by hershelgeorgelives (86 posts) -

Are they really not gonna talk about Animal Crossing, how long could that game take to make?

#367 Posted by Ducksworth (670 posts) -

hmm...I'm liking the trailers and everything but something that we don't already know about would be nice.

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Oh fuck yes, it's coming out on July 31st? On my birthday? ON MY BIRTHDAY!

Fucking awesome.

#369 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7779 posts) -

The hell is Threediots? xD

#370 Posted by Ducksworth (670 posts) -

It's been a good conference. I'll let that slide.

#371 Posted by hershelgeorgelives (86 posts) -

Threediots looks like the dumbest thing I've seen in a while.

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We've learned nothing new, this was just a reiteration of coverage seen before the show.

#373 Posted by hershelgeorgelives (86 posts) -

That was great until I realized they wouldn't show a single new thing, oh well, some of the games look great.

#374 Posted by DeadlyWolverine (33 posts) -

Fire Emblem: Awakening Confirmed for North-America.

#375 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5094 posts) -

@DarkbeatDK said:

I had to make this. Check out this hot new trailer for the most anticipated Wii U game

Haha, I saw this posted on a different forum and came here to post it. Had no idea someone from GB made it, nice job dude.

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@DeadlyWolverine said:

Fire Emblem: Awakening Confirmed for North-America.

It's amazing that one of Nintendo's biggest reveals of E3 software-wise wasn't even announced at any of the conferences or displayed on the show floor.

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@Hailinel: You said it! It's incredible, I don't understand how none even talked about this. It seems to me pressure is getting to Nintendo of North-America executives. Is Reggie stressed? He looks lost most of the time, and his uneasy subordinate was making the conference awkward.

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@DarkbeatDK said:

I had to make this. Check out this hot new trailer for the most anticipated Wii U game

Oh god you really did make this, remember you from your SSX video. 
 Best thing to come out of this conference, thank you. 
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Regarding the Nintendo Press conference (not the 3DS-focused separate conference)- Did we all just see a different conference? What was Nintendo thinking? I was in absolute disbelief that almost literally nothing came out of that conference. Oh boy, starting off with Pikmin 3, that must mean we're in for a good ride! Dear lord, were my expectations shattered when it ended on Nintendoland and everyone was still in their seats as if to say, "that's it?!?!"  
Their conference was absolutely abysmal, and it's even more salt in the wound to find that games like ZombiU, Assassin's Creed 3, and P-100 were being shown outside of the conference. Why was that not shown at the actual press conference? That entire press conference was bullshit, they were basically showing stuff to an audience that did not exist in the crowd, and an audience that did not exist anymore. Casual gamers are basically done with anything new, they got their Wii, and they got out with games like Just Dance 3 and Wii Fit. They're not going to go buy another console for the same things to play "Wii Bum-Slider" and "Elderly Waitress Simulator".  
Show the core what you've got, Nintendo.

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Nintendo - "The only bombs Iwata is going to drop are in the toilet."

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