New Nintendo Direct - Feb. 14, 2013

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Nintendo Life reports that there will be a Nintendo Direct tomorrow.There will be one for Europe and one for North America.The Europe one will focus on 3DS stuff and the North America one will focus on 3DS and Wii U stuff.

The NA one will start at 6AM PST/9AM EST and the EU one will start at 2pm British time / 3pm Central European time.

The last Nintendo Direct was major, so hopefully we will get some good reveals out of this one as well.

NA one is here -

EU is here I believe (if this is the wrong link, someone please correct me) -


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Super Mario HD

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Half-Life 3, it could happen.

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Really hoping for a release date for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and maybe the announcement that Fantasy Life and Bravely Default are making their way to North America. Not gonna hold my breath though...

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