Nintendo Has a Mario Game In the Works for the Wii U, Will Show it at E3 [UPDATED]

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#101 Posted by freewilly5 (65 posts) -

@jabbertrack said:

It's going to be super depressing to watch the E3 coverage and all the manufactured excitement over the Wii U. Isn't it time we stopped giving Nintendo a pass?

Or you can choose to ignore it and let the people that are excited remain that way.

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#102 Posted by DBagalot (159 posts) -

@FulgoreSenpai said:

I wish i cared more but by now, naw. I'm sure it'll be very similar to other mario games, get great reviews, it will defenitely be fun and maybe even be some peoples game of the year. Then it'll slowly go by the wayside, I might play through it in a day or 2 and never touch it again and it'll be one of the few reasons to get a wii u.

I love playing the Mario games but why are people clamoring for a new one? Its getting to the same point that MW and Assassins Creed are with me, they follow a fun formula but I just don't care much anymore.

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