Release Date Fever: Nintendo Drops Dates for Rhythm Heaven, Kid Icarus, and More

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#51 Posted by vinsanityv22 (1064 posts) -

Pokepark 2 best be in the queue for a Quick Look, Giantbomb. That last one was frickin' sweet!

#52 Posted by nickux (1380 posts) -

Really loved Rhythm Tengoku on DS. Definitely going to pick up for the one for Wii and, at $29, that's a deal.

#53 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11485 posts) -

Wait, Xenoblade is GameStop only? I thought that was just a rumor. I'm sad now.

#54 Posted by Asurastrike (2177 posts) -

I'm honestly really excited for Mario Party 9.

#55 Posted by doesnoevil (21 posts) -

I've played the jap version of rhythm heaven wii. it's very good and 30$ seems appropriate for what it is.

#56 Posted by MormonWarrior (2690 posts) -

@sixpin: Resident Evil Revelations is using it, and I bet MGS3 will use it too.

#57 Posted by Klaimore (941 posts) -

Do we get the monster hunter game?

#58 Posted by sixpin (1316 posts) -

@MormonWarrior: Well that makes more sense. My guess is that the peripheral won't really catch on unless Nintendo eventually releases a dual analog 3DS. Personally I want a 3DS XL. I love the giant screens on the XL. Been using it to play Crono Trigger again.

#59 Posted by onarum (2376 posts) -

Can't wait for rhythm heaven, I love the DS one.

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