So wait, was there any 3DS news at E3?

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Or had Nintendo spent all of it at that recent Nintendo Direct where they announced the 3DS Zelda? Also, wasn't Miiverse rumoured to be coming to 3DS?

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Super Smash Bros. coming to 3DS

edit: that might have been known beforehand actually.

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New Fairy Type!

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Not really, most of Nintendo's announcements have been dished out via Nintendo Direct as of late. I'm still unreasonably excited for A Link Between Worlds, though.

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They pretty much only announced new information on 3DS games that were already revealed. They did announce some new free to play Steel Diver game, but I'm not sure if they did that at e3.

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@video_game_king: Well, it certainly isn't a thing on our wiki. Care to elaborate on what that game is?

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@video_game_king: Well, it certainly isn't a thing on our wiki. Care to elaborate on what that game is?

It's a side-scrolling action game that was announced last year from a developer called Corecell Technologies. It was apparently supposed to come out this past January, but there doesn't seem to be any updates on its current status, other than it's apparently meant as an eShop release.

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PERSONA 5 3DS EXCLU- nah they didn't really say shit that wasn't already known.

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Yeah there was pretty much nothing for 3DS other than new trailers and the like. Nintendo doesn't really need e3 anymore because of Nintendo Directs.

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I was hoping for new colors or a price drop, since I'm planning to buy one soon. I guess I'll just wait until a good deal shows up instead.

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