What's The G?!!??!?!

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This was like Bill Nye the Science Guy, but with video games.

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Youtube spam, this has to go.

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oh god, did gamers REALLY watch this stuff?? i  cant believe nintendo was that big at one point...................................... we've come a long way

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@SJSchmidt93 said:


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huhuhuhuh Jacy IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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this is awful

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After we sneak in to seeing Con Air in theatres, I'll be sure to head down with my friends to Circuit City to grab Star Fox 64, their service is state-of-the-art! Maybe afterwards we can throw America OnLine trial floppy discs at cars.

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Fuck, I hate video games now.

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How does this differ from G4 TV's programming of today? lol...or Gamespot's

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Man, I can't believe the 90's were that dumb. Well, at least this proves evolution is real...

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There's something about hearing people say cheat codes out loud that just infuriates me. It is wrong on a primal level.

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Am I 8 again? Awesome! Note to self do not buy Shaq -Fu buy stock in apple around 1997

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Looks like it's some rad 90s gaming show edited with parts of a nintendo rep training video.  The combined awesomeness of those two things is too much for the average human brain to withstand.  Most of us can expect to keel over in the next 48 hours.

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1:12 is the best ever.

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The only thing it did not deliver on was the promise of the crystal method interview. Wow!  Yeah!

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That's too many finger guns for one show to have.

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Oh God I still have that Donkey Kong 64 promotional video with the douche...

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Hey, Rareware is hiring? Ain't no party like a sec-ond-party, cuz a sec-ond-party makes Avatars.

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@Tuggah said:
"That seems like a parody of 90's TV shows, not actual 90's television. "

That's what I'm guessing too.
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lol, N64 had all the games huh.

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I actually have that promotional n64 vhs tape of the dude saying "I need an expansion pack for my brain." It was basically a a promo for DK64 and Jet Force Gemini.
But the SNES DKC promo vhs I have is way better and less annoying.

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"Nintendo approved apparel" Now I've heard it all.

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Cargo pants!

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God I love games! Hell!

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That is awesome.  My cheeks hurt.  The thing is that most video game shows that were on in the 90's we exactly the same as this shit. N-credible! :)

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1:07 yellow shirt dude blew his load.

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Holy Shit. That's N uts.

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They just needed to flash a picture of Pauly Shore and Kurt Cobain on the same screen and scream about MJ being the greatest. Oh and have skateboarders everywhere. Maybe a reference to Golden Eye.
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I tried to watch but an error occurred. Probably, for the better, right?
Edit: The second time I tried to watch, the error didn't occurred. Is that thing real? Did it really happen? If so, F*CK!

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I'm ashamed to have been born in 1991. I might cry.

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I've actually seen this show...on TV...when it was a real thing. Didn't even like it back then. Canada's embarrassing sometimes.

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that was an amazing mash up. looks like something GB would make. :)

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Hang on, slow down. That code is way too long.

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What happened to crystal method? 
The girl was purty. 
that is all
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This just makes me miss the mid 90's more than I already do.  I loved the late 80s, but this is better

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We had Gamesmaster here in the UK, was an awesome show and really thought out of the box. Which makes me think....if gaming is so big right now, why aren't there any gaming shows on TV?

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I grew up in the 90s so this was great!  Thanks Jeff! :) 
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Isn't this technically U-Tube spam

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Saw that vid on Joystiq yesterday. It blew my mind.

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And why is that woman doing air quotes when she mentions The Crystal Method? Is it someone just pretending to be TCM?
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G4 saw this and made their shitty network.

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@bybeach said:
" What happened to crystal method? "
They're still around. They released an album last year, although I didn't like the sound of anything I heard from it. Tweekend's still the best thing they did.

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