What's The G?!!??!?!

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Where you been man?
I've been hanging out in the Jungle.
Oh really? Kickin' it out there with DK?
You know it.
Wow cool man.

#152 Posted by Clinkz (1118 posts) -

Dear 90's,
    Please bring back your funny way of dressing, n64, and most importantly Kurt Cobain.

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#154 Posted by DoctorWelch (2774 posts) -

Thank god i was a young lad when the 90's happened.

#155 Posted by fancifulunicorn (58 posts) -

It makes me cool that I remember watching almost all of these clips from the original sources...right?

#156 Posted by joelalfaro (576 posts) -

Which season of Awesome Show is this?? 
Great job!

#157 Posted by Brunchies (2484 posts) -

That was great in a terrible way.

#158 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8534 posts) -

Wow, that was awful.  Someone, somewhere definitely lost their job over that show,

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#160 Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny (1011 posts) -

woah...i need an expansion pack for my brain

#161 Posted by D (234 posts) -

The guy in the yellow shirt looks like he's on Crystal meth. WHOOOAAAA!!!!

#162 Posted by MEBs (188 posts) -

The N64 guy is from a Jet Force Gemini promo. I still remember getting that in the mail (VHS) and watching it over and over. =p

#163 Posted by Junpei (762 posts) -

I actually have a VHS that was sent to me in the mail way back when of promo footage with Jet Force Gemini and Donkey Kong 64 on it... pretty sure the creep guy in the white room was the host...

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@Jeff: You son of a bitch, now I can't stop listening to old Crystal Method albums. Actually, thanks!

#167 Posted by artofwar420 (6290 posts) -

Oh 90s, how quickly you've turned into the 80s.

#168 Posted by Godzilla_Sushi (1084 posts) -

I tried picturing myself enjoying this back then, but I could not, because this was not a possibility....

#169 Posted by BraveToaster (12589 posts) -

I love working for Nintendo

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#171 Posted by labam89 (312 posts) -

Did anyone else cringe?

#172 Posted by dudeglove (7907 posts) -

Yay! Giant Bomb has discovered Everything is Terrible!

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#174 Posted by Andorski (5331 posts) -

Hmm, if this show was still on today...
I'd watch it.

#175 Posted by S0ndor (2716 posts) -

Everyone involved in the making of that video should just die.

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#177 Posted by SkinnyBlue (320 posts) -

they were serious?
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#179 Posted by skrutop (3615 posts) -

So it's X-Play meets Attack of the Show meets Saved By The Bell.

#180 Posted by Tesla (1923 posts) -


#181 Posted by Astras (973 posts) -

I just watched that after a joint.. that's just done my head right in.

#182 Posted by AnxiousTube (198 posts) -

1:12 that's all I have to say about this... thing.
#183 Posted by Captain_Insano (1541 posts) -

best video ever

#184 Posted by SonicFire (821 posts) -

That was the 90s for ya....

#185 Posted by markhole (2 posts) -

That sounds an awful lot like Veronica Belmont...

#186 Posted by Shaolin_Munkeh (66 posts) -

I need an expansion pack for my brain!

#187 Posted by Lassegp (98 posts) -

My brain hurts

#188 Posted by k_dash (57 posts) -

i think i remember getting a video tap of this show waaaaaaay back when. like in 1997. weird seeing it now....
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ummmmmmmm?  I don't know what I just saw there but all I know is 
"Nintendo is a great company to work for"...  Must buy N64...  I'm going to the store now...  Hail Nintendo!  Nintendo... Nintendo... Nintendo...Nintendo... *shakes head* Woah!  What just happend?
#190 Posted by darkjester74 (1580 posts) -

I dont know about everything, but that video sure is terrible.
@labam89 said:

" Did anyone else cringe? "

I had chest palpitations, does that count?
#191 Posted by Pibo47 (3166 posts) -

I need an expansion pack...for my brain hahahahahahahaha omg this is hilarious!!!!

#192 Posted by Benjo (77 posts) -

Oh 90's I'm so glad you went away.

#193 Posted by WickedFather (1733 posts) -

I just done a bit of sick in my mouth.  Nrrrrse!!!

#194 Posted by Lustreplush (97 posts) -

I've got that same PaRappa knit cap.

#195 Posted by AddyMac (258 posts) -

What's the G?

#196 Posted by Kowbrainz (923 posts) -

I'm hurting myself, that's how much I was laughing at this.... ._.

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Humanity is awesome

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@Matthew:  I'm wearing that right now. What?

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