Why do people hate Nintendo?

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@acidbrandon18: i don't know of its really hate but i think people get frustrated with how Nintendo does things. When it comes to todays video game companies. Sometimes they make good decisions, sometimes they make painfully bad decisions. I think everyone respects them but allot of people don't understand them. In the end there a video game company aimed at kids and people who want nostalgia.

For me on the Wii, it had allot of great Nintendo games but it had the worst controllers. I played Mario galaxy thinking how much better it would have felt with a normal controller.

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I do not hate nintendo. I think they made some bad business decisions, completely different things. If anything I think people really like nintendo, but are just frustrated with them. Most people called nintendos decline a few years ago when the wii was running out of steam, the badly performing and poorly thought out wii u is just the icing on the cake.

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Probably because they've burned so many of us big Nintendo fans so many times in the past several years. I've basically avoided getting Nintendo games at all from 2008-2013 because I felt so swept under the rug by the Wii. I hated the Wii, but I loved the GameCube and I'm really enjoying the Wii U. However, I would hope that all this trouble has shown Nintendo that they can't just regain favor by releasing one or two decent games and a somewhat promising game console.

The most interesting stuff Nintendo ever does is when their back is to the wall. Apart from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, I can't think of anything from 2005-2012 that's a particular standout from Nintendo, and that's really sad. Last year was a really good year - let's hope they can keep it up.

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@legion_ said:

It's only pride and past glory that's keeping them in the hardware business.

Sounds like Sony outside of their game and movie businesses.

If you think about it there's a lot of weird parallels between how Sony (again, not the game business. Their consumer electronics divisions are what I am referencing) is doing and how Nintendo is doing. They both have a lot of the same issues.

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I don't think people hate Nintendo but I think a lot of people expected them to duplicate the success of the Wii with the Wii U. As we all know, that is probably the furthest from what has actually happened so some people go all gloom and doom on them.

Keep in mind, Nintendo has WII money!!!! The money they made on the Wii started VERY early after release as the cost to manufacture wasn't as much as MS or Sony had to recoup with the Xbox 360 or PS3. Plus Nintendo has had HUGE success with their handhelds.

Yes, they have stumbled with the Wii U, but they are not going anywhere any time soon. There are still MANY die hard Nintendo fans out there.

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I do not hate the video game company known as Nintendo.

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@senrat said:

I do not hate nintendo. I think they made some bad business decisions, completely different things. If anything I think people really like nintendo, but are just frustrated with them. Most people called nintendo's decline a few years ago when the wii was running out of steam, the badly performing and poorly thought out wii u is just the icing on the cake.

This is pretty much exactly what I was going to say.

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Because people who play video games hate video games apparently.

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Define 'hate'. Because the way I define it it doesn't fit here. Maybe disappointed. I'm disappointed that they are making unfortunate business decisions and that they they don't take full advantage of the talent they have.

When I think hate I think of things I dispise. I hate bulling behavior for example.

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First Nintendo stole my heart. Then it replaced me with a younger model. And now does the same to it. Ninendo is such a player. A player for kids.

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I really love Nintendo games. I just wish they didn't waste both of our time and money by placing them on inferior consoles, and administering inferior services and inferior store fronts. Because those are not things they do well, at all. And I loathe the tablet controller, as it feels like the most expensive controller that still manages to feel cheap attached to an out of the box console ever. Love the Pro Controller though. Felt great to use that through Wind Waker and the vast majority of 3D World.

I just wish they would spend less time making and administering consoles and more time bringing me a new F-Zero or any number of IP that have been abandoned since the GameCube.

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I think the better question is why people think the inferior power of the Wii U is such a problem. I think they've been putting out beautiful games. I don't see how them being slightly more beautiful would make much of a difference. And gameplay wise I think their games are too simple to really benefit from more technology. Would better AI for Goombas make Super Mario 3d World a noticeably better game? I think people making complaints like that probably wouldn't enjoy Nintendo games even if their system was incredibly powerful.

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@bisonhero: Oh I am pretty sure I hate Nintendo these days. Please allow me to list my complaints about my favorite video game company.

1 I am sick of Mario. I understand he is Nintendo's mascot but his face is on too many covers. The market is too saturated and personally I would say that Mario games no longer hold my attention.

2 I miss Samus and I mean the BA strong willed heroine of the Metroid franchise prior to Metroid other M. Metroid other M portrayed Samus as a cowardly obedient lost little girl who was seeking the approval of her commanding officer and that game supposedly takes place after Super Metroid. How many times had Samus defeated Ridley by the end of Super Metroid? I haven't finished the manga yet but I have always been under the impression that Samus was out for revenge. For anyone who is not familiar with Samus' story I strongly suggest playing through the Metroid franchise in the order in which they were released. Any case even if we include Other M it has been almost 4 years since Nintendo has released a Metroid game but Mario has had multiple games made each year?

3 It's not enough that Nintendo only produces one or two Zelda games per life span of a console but they instead of working on a new adaptation of the series rerelease Windwaker which is probably my least favorite of the Zelda universe next to Skyward Sword. I can't put into words how betrayed I feel by Skyward Sword but I'll give it a go. First of all Zelda games are among the original open world games and yet in my personal opinion Skyward Sword only provides an illusion of being an open world game. In Skyward Sword nintendo gives you a main sky world to fly your bird (your bird, where's Epona) around with four portals to access other enclosed areas of the game a lot like Mario 64 but with a lot less areas. Skyward Sword if I am not mistaken was also meant to be the earliest point in the Zelda universes time line but I got to say the story and characters of skyward sword couldn't get much further from the rest of the Zelda franchise especially princess Zelda and the final boss. Obviously I can't go into further detail without spoiling the story but boy did that game tick me off especially since I absolutely adore Ocarina of Time, both Oracle of Ages and Seasons, A Link to the Past, and Twilight Princess.

4 The wii was wonderful. I loved playing games like Resident Evil with the motion controls and I expected Nintendo to further advance that technology. So yes I was disappointed when I first seen the wii u control but I grew to accept it especially when I read that it would allow up to eight people to play together on one console unlike xbox 360 and ps3 which restrained many games to one person per console. The draw back here is that Nintendo did not advertise this feature or the fact that you can use the old wii controls with the new system in a way that people would commonly understand. Plus so far I have not seen the tablet control sold separately from the console any where which means in order to utilize the full multi player capabilities of the console at least 4 people have to own wii u's. Grr

5 where is star fox?

6 where is F- Zero?

7 how about some new characters to add to Nintendo's line up?

8 what happened to project Hammer?

9 Why is it taking so long to complete the virtual console library especially seeing how people can download emulators to play any old game they want. I have an N64 emulator on my phone!!!

The list continues and I could rant for days. I am a Nintendo fan boy at heart but if Nintendo continues on its current trajectory I am afraid of the company's future failures. Sorry for the incoherent rant.

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I despise them. I don't own any of their systems but it seems to me that they are the company with zero imagination and passion. They just recycle their few IPs over and over again.

I grew up with NES and SNES and Gameboy and loved the systems and games, but that was the time they still had some third party support, unlike now.

The only little regret I have is not playing Super Mario Galaxy games (the only fresh new thing to come in a Mario game in DECADES) and the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Wii. Thats about it...

And don't get me started on their company decisions, the way that "The internet" is a strange concept to them and all that...

I think Nintendo is primary developing to kids/early teens, and now that I'm neither, I just don't care.
As guys said on the podcast, I too wish everybody to succeed and there to be alot of competition, but come on, Nintendo is an old man trying to be "hip" with all the other youngsters/consoles, and it just looks sad :P

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I can't wait until the old generation dies off, we replace them, and schools introduce Forum Etiquette 101.

Rule number one: Don't make sensationalist, prodding titles.

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@nthnl0 said:

The list continues and I could rant for days.

Nope. That's enough, thanks. (this thread is almost 4 months old, BTW)

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I really hate the direction Nintendo took over the years. I blame Satoro Iwata... that guy is clueless. Bad decision after bad decision...

Getting away from third parties is what killed Nintendo. They have been milking the same cow dry for the past decade without really coming out with anything noteworthy. Don't get me started on the motion control gimmick.

The only saving grace for the WiiU is that the new generation is not that powerful to be honest so Wii U ports are still viable. But since third parties just dont care about it Nintendo players are SOL.

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@nthnl0: To your 4th point, the Wii U won't recognize more than one game pad (the tablet controller), because it takes a lot of processing to output video to that second screen. So you don't need 4 Wii Us; all multiplayer can be done with one game pad, and then a bunch of Wii remotes.

To your 8th point, projects get canceled, it happens, so just let that one go? We hardly knew much about it, and who knows whether it would've been a good game or not.

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The last thing I want is for Nintendo to fail, but I'll gladly be vocal about the way they constantly drop the ball on the hardware/basic features in the face of competition that has shown them how to do it. I love most Nintendo games and they've kept me rolling along with every one of their handheld systems through excellent software support, but their home consoles - the Wii accident aside - can't skirt by without the ability to run modern 3rd party games. On the lesser requirement side of things with Indie games, I get the best experience often on my PC.

Actually, it was always weird to see the Gamecube get shunned so often because it had superior hardware than the PS2, similar hardware to the Xbox, and it was just all-around a great system from its compact size and (my personal opinion) a fantastic controller (and the first official wireless ones). The biggest knock against it was the smaller physical capacity of the discs and the fact that the PS2 had such a fantastic head start, but beside Halo I see no reason why it should have ended up behind the Xbox that generation. The Gamecube is my Dreamcast, really.

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I don't hate Nintendo. They were an important part of my childhood, and they are, per game, the best game developers in the world...

I just hate what Nintendo has become to me.

I think that is the main reason. Nintendo is doing pretty much the same thing they always did, but I have grow up, and they don't cater for my interests any more (and, what is worst, they don't care to cater for them)... People (and I include myself among them) hate to see that they are not interested in being interesting to us. They are doing their thing, remaking their family-friendly games and getting their way with consoles, as they always had. They don't care about moving with the market, because we are not their market... we stopped being their market years ago.

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Not everyone hates Nintendo. Just look at this kid.

Loading Video...

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Honestly I've love to see Nintendo fail with this generation of consoles & see them bring their games to other systems.

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@hone_mcbone: Failure or not that's something I'd love to see them do as well. Nintendo games on Steam. How awesome would that be?

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Nintendo's software ISN'T great. Only their games software is great. The software operating the Wii U is abysmally slow, either due to poor optimization (a patch released in 2013 altered the load times on the main menus from about a minute to about 30 seconds, still too long) or poor hardware. The software operating the 3DS is unwieldy, limiting your easily accessible software to about 10 or 12 games without using multiple carts. The software for their online shops is continuously awful.

There's more to software than putting out games, and the OS-level software is terrible. Essentially, Nintendo can put out great games twenty times a year, but most people would probably rather play those games on consoles that function. The Wii U launched a slower console than the Xbox 360 closed the generation, and that's very uncomfortable.

I loooove Nintendo. Their releases last year made up five of my Game of the Year nominees, with three or four of those games easily fitting into my top 5. Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Super Mario 3D World are two of the best games ever made, probably my favorite Nintendo titles since Pokémon Red and Blue.

...thinking on that, yeah, I probably like both better than any Zelda game, or the Mario Galaxy games. The Galaxy games may be more innovative, but the purity of design is flawed; 3D World is an exercise in perfect level after perfect level, representing the apex of great Nintendo games.

But their software isn't great, only their games, and that's very frustrating for someone who can load up any game on the PS4 in a matter of seconds or boot PC games with zero start-up. I really do love the feel of the 3DS and the Wii U gamepad, and I love their portability, but the OS-level software is generations behind where it should be. Remember, last console generation, the 360 went through three or four different OS layouts, and we've experienced the full lifespan of the iPhone and its seven generations of OS improvements since the Wii launched. The PS4 caught up beautifully, even if the PS3 could have used redesigns along the way. Nintendo OS certainly hasn't, and it shows and weighs down the experience for me and my ability to show off how sweet the console is to others.

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Who hates Nintendo? I can't think of a single legitimate human I know who does.

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@nthnl0: Yes! Necro this thread... in the name of video games!

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Nintendo killed my dog and clogged my toilet.

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It'd be good to see some new IP. People shouldn't hate things.

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Because they are "kiddy". Because morons at Sonygaf. Because it's always the same shit with them (Marios, Pokemons, Zeldas, etc). A whole host of dumb reasons.

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Just like a indie group going main stream or passing that punk metal phase of your life, many people seem to have moved on from the style of games that Nintendo makes. So that energy seems to come out negatively now that Nintendo is not doing so hot. Nintendo does earn some of the heat by not being as ready as they should have been. I mean with the money the wii was making and the early jump on next gen, i'm surprised how clueless it seemed Nintendo was on nailing some of the simple things that even current gen is doing. Having an account that tracks your online games you paid for that can carry over when buying a new system. That is just one example of many that added up to the system feeling dated from the start.

I also feel everyone but Sony was on the wrong path of trying to make the gaming machine the center of the living room. Not saying it can't happen but it seems like the wrong foot to put out first. Games and how our gaming experiences can be better should have been the focus from the start. It just seems like it will take multiple revisions to nail these desired one entertainment box setups and an overall cheaper price point that a launch of a system don't often allow. So right now Nintendo is backed into a corner because the new systems are out and Nintendo can only fall back on their games and making the gamepad worth it.

I don't think Nintendo is out of it yet and they have room to stay in the console race because as of right now they still are the ones truly doing things differently, for better or worse their box is very different from the others out there. Now that Xbox one is even more like the ps4 me personally feel like you will fall in one of those camps and also have a Nintendo system because it will offer a different experience.

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@joshwent: My apologies. I just felt a need to rant a bit.

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People say whatever is convenient, or seems popular at the time. There's a lot of seemingly popular opinions out there that seem bat shit crazy to me.

Though to play devils advocate, because that's more fun, Nintendo clearly has their fans by the balls. They can almost do anything they want, take their sweet time putting decent internet features into their games, do nothing other than constantly try to hook kids leaving the games stuck in some infantile state, because they know the older fans will buy their stuff anyways. People are left knowing they've outgrown Nintendo, but the gameplay is generally solid enough, the games rich with variety, that they can't just give it up completely. They have complaint after complaint, about how every sequel is the same, how they always put out the same game, yet they and those like them turn every single one of those sequels into massive multi-million selling hits.

Nintendo has you, they have us all. You are their bitch.

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@acidbrandon18: I wouldn't be surprised that it would be the same people that wanted to Ps3, or the Wii to die when it came out. Or before the same that wish "My console is better so that means others are inferior and should simply die" type of mentality that has been around since even the Atari/Intellivsion.

Just people being simply misguided that there are other options out there and that competition is what drives this industry to push forward. It is sad to see yes, but alike many who don't necessarily care for their hardware(and not reading any response to this question and just reading your question) it is this side that has always seemed to be a burden for developers since the NES. Nothing against hardware or Nintendo software it just seems that they have always had a history of being hard to work with. Also, the fact that they haven't had any really New Character or major IP since the snes has started a stagnation for old fans. Yes, we know the bad guy, we know the damsel(which is a very tired cliche), we know the hero..

That being said, I don't wish for Nintendo to fail or hate them. I've just grown bored of their hardware/software and if it means Nintendo has to continue like Sega and prove that they have talent to continue, I'd be up for that.

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@alyssia: The Boxxy is strong in that one...

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"Nintendo has you, they have us all. You are their bitch"? I haven't bought anything from Nintendo in almost three years. If Nintendo "has me" they brought me to a place where I find them irrelevant.

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Because they grew up with a Playstation or an XBox, the poor buggers.

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They don't, necro thread, they don't.

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Nintendo always seems like that weird kid in the back of the class. He's not a bad person by any means, but he constantly does things to distance himself from the people he wants to be friends with. I'm not saying you can't be different or do things differently or think about things differently, however, intentionally doing things that you know are going to irritate people is a dumb thing to do. Maintaining your uniqueness is important, but going out of your way to be needlessly, some might say, arrogant or narcissistic, to maintain that uniqueness, and then being surprised when it backfires, doesn't make you unique. It makes you stupid.

I always get this vibe from Nintendo. "We're Nintendo. We're gonna do what we want. We're pioneers of the gaming industry. Fuck off, haters." They always just come off as being overly douchey for no reason other than using that age old reasoning of, "We're Nintendo, screw you."

Dammit Nintendo. I want to love you so much, but why do you have to do such stupid things with your hardware. *sigh*

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They don't, necro thread, they don't.


I've been seeing that a lot lately, actually; ancient threads somehow being on the front page of the forum. Wonder if there's some bugs popping up.

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@acidbrandon18: i don't know of its really hate but i think people get frustrated with how Nintendo does things. When it comes to todays video game companies. Sometimes they make good decisions, sometimes they make painfully bad decisions. I think everyone respects them but allot of people don't understand them. In the end there a video game company aimed at kids and people who want nostalgia.

For me on the Wii, it had allot of great Nintendo games but it had the worst controllers. I played Mario galaxy thinking how much better it would have felt with a normal controller.

I could not agree more with those last couple sentences about Mario Galaxy. I really wanted to like that game, but I could never finish, despite many attempts, due to my hatred of that Wiimote and it's terribleness. All I could think about was how much better and more fun it would be if I could just use the Gamecube or classic controller, but it forces you to use those dumbass motion controls.

I know this is an old post, but this is so similar to what I thought about it, I could have written that comment myself.

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@cornbredx said:

They don't, necro thread, they don't.


I've been seeing that a lot lately, actually; ancient threads somehow being on the front page of the forum. Wonder if there's some bugs popping up.

Maybe a spambot posted in the thread and the post got deleted?

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I agree with the sentiments that it's frustration rather than hate, It isn't even that they are behind or can't adapt, they just don't want to compete in the same ways and unfortunately that means working against what has become the norm in the wider gaming industry.

I was a big supporter to the Wii and it's weird how many of the Nintendo games went to other platforms.

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