Wii remote + nunchuck or classic controller?

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 I've just started playing NMH2, and I have to say I am really enjoying it. However, I find myself switching between the classic controller and the wii remote + nunchuck nearly every half hour or so. I like both about the same, with only minor quips with each (locking on with the classic controller and dodging with the wii remote) It's getting annoying, so I ask you Giant Bomb, which way should i play the game from now on?       
**I'm bad at posting and couldn't figure out how to make a poll. /sadface 

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I'd go for the classic controller dude. It's got good handling still and you don't need to flail your arm about with the nunchuck!
EDIT: I played through with the Classic Controller first, and found it was better than the Nunchuck personally, which i only used for about an hour. Did not bother switching back...
Whatever feels best for you duder!

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I beat the game with the nunchuck and it was a great time. I then started the game again recently with the controller and instantly switched back to the nunchuck. It's probably because I played through the whole game with the nunchuck earlier, but I feel it's the only way to play now.

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This game as classic controller support?  I did not know that.

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I really must say it plays nice both ways, having not fallen in love with either yet. I'm leaning towards the nunchuck only because having the classic controller plus the wii remote laying around just bothers me. I'll probably give each a little bit longer to see if ones sticks. Appreciate the help all.

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I played the entire game with the Wii-mote and nunchuck, and honestly felt no issues with how the game controlled.

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Anytime a wii game allows classic controller the answer is already given.

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Wow, that's nice, never thought it had Classic Controler support. How do you play the quick time events then?

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