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Is anyone else noticing how hard it is to get a hold of this game already? I hope the US gets a wider release than we seem to have gotten.
I bought it mid-week after the release passed even me by, and I was aware of the game to begin with! I had to order online after not being able to find it for sale anywhere. I suppose its late release has something to do with that, but I can'at remember a game that has faded into relative obscurity so quickly after release. 
How many of you are importing the European edition? I'd be curious to see the numbers.

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Well the fact that it was censored didn't help. 
If you have a PS3 get that version. It just came out.

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I couldn't see it in any shops today, and my Amazon order hasn't even dispatched yet, mabey it got delayed?

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I could not find it at ANY of my local game shops. Ended up buying mine at the Oxford Street GAME in London. Availability for Heroes' Paradise does seem very poor in the UK, also I haven't even been able to play my copy as it won't work with my old sixaxis controller.

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I'm confused; isn't this game like 3 years old or so? Games generally do get harder to find as time goes by.

#6 Posted by Pessh (2505 posts) -
@GunslingerPanda: On the Wii. PS3 port was supposed to be released a few weeks back.
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I didn't even know it had come out till Tuesday, so I went straight into town as soon as I realised and the bloke in Gamestation said they only got 4 copies in. I got the last one, and it was in a box that had been on display for ages. I tell ya what, this game rules, I am so upset that no one knows it's out or infact is even stocking it. I want No More Heroes 2 on PS3 already, and if no one sells it the chances of NMH2 on PS3 are slim! :(

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Why did Europe get the PS3 release before US

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Crap. I just found out about this as the PSN-Store went up. I'm going to check my local Gamestops and Game tomorrow. It's on Play.com for 40 pounds if anyone is interested

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The situations seems to have rectified itself somewhat from what I can see. A lot of the sites still have it in stock, I think the importing of the EU copy overseas was affecting it somewhat. 
Its still holding its price though! 
...now hoping they eventually port Desperate Struggle, although I'm doubtful of that ever happening if I'm honest :(

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I saw the PS3 copy in a game store (CEX) 2 days ago. I was sort of interested but was wondering if move is required.

edit: I found a copy on Games Basement (I've never heard of it) for £22.99. Not sure if they're legit.

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The name sounds familiar, I'm sure they are pretty sketchy. Its probably best to run a google search of the website if you plan to use them, just to make sure. 
No you don't need a Move controller, although oddly there is some sort of bug which prevents you from using one of the standard Six-axis pads. I've only been able to get it to work with a Dualshock controller, its a widespread problem apparently. They still hadn't implemented a new patch since the last time I played it, which was about a week ago.
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I played enough of it to remember I really don't like it that much..

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