Finally saw the ending (SPOILERS)

#1 Posted by Rallier (1947 posts) -

I never managed to beat Henri back in the day so I finally decided to look up the ending in preperation of No More Heroes and god damn you SUDA51 you have cooked up some epic mind fuck, god damn you. 
It amazing how after so long this game still manages to surprise the hell out of me. 
I knew about Henri his relating to Travis "thanks" to a spoiler thread on here that was not tagged as spoiler filled... But then hearing Henri say the Silvia is his wife, FUCK!
The freeze frame at the end of the battle and then the credits that start rolling, dammit.

And then the final scene in the museum where it shows Silvia with her presume is her daughter and then have here say "to bad there wont be a sequel" . If i would have seen that back when the game was released i would have exploded. 
Finally to top it all off the final mind fuck with the "to be continued" in the the Return to the future font. 
Really looking forward to the sequel that thankfully is literally just around the corner. 
Well played SUDA51.

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