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Team Members

Noble One: Carter

The leader of Noble squad, respected by its members. Men who have served under him say he is a natural leader with laser-like focus.

Noble Two: Kat

The only female member of Noble, an expert around most technology. Her comrades would say that she can make a plan of attack out of the smallest shred of intel. The last Noble 6 died in an operation that she put together, and she sees his death as her fault.

Noble Three: Jun

The Marksman of the squad. He is said to be unnaturally good at what he does, though he would not brag about this himself. Talks a lot during missions, including during enforced silence. During a psychiatric exam, he showed signs of Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

Noble Four: Emile

Highly respected among his peers, he is keen at picking up small details and is extremely tough. He does however have difficulties dealing with non-Spartans. He is also known to be overzealous. He is the close-combat specialist of the team, especially with his kukri knife.

Noble Five: Jorge

An absolute tank, Jorge inspires all around him. For Jorge, Reach is more than just a military base: it's where he was born. Jorge also has seen more action against rebel humans than the other members of Noble. He is the heavy-weapons man of the group, as his Spartan-II armor and mods let him carry heavier gear.

Noble Six

The replacement of the old Noble 6, in the past Spartan-312 has been a lone-wolf that took down entire militia forces. 312 isn't a perfect fit for Noble, but they have been down a man for a while and need an extra hand. Noble Six is one of two Spartans to have earned the rating of hyper-lethal (the other is implied to be the Master Chief, Spartan-117).

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