The NOBY NOBY BOY video archive.

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If anyone's got video of NOBY NOBY BOY to share then this is the place! (Just hold square on the pad to start recording)

I'll kick things off with some I recorded whilst getting to grips with the game:



I look forward to seeing yours!
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Khessed said:
"posted this one in my own thread but .... what the heck.
Yeah that happened to me too :-D I actually found that you your own ass. 

Man this just gets stranger and stranger, now this game actually made me say 'I ate my own ass' to another human being.........

But it's brilliant because it's crazy.
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What the writing say? I couldn't make it out. 

And how you put writing on BOY?
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you do that via Send Message ( Down and Start ) and then select "write on BOY".

it'll stay on him during gameplay so you can make screenshots of him  with the writing on it.

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Oh nice, cheers for that mate.

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I accidentally split BOY in two...

I intended to film myself wrapping around the stage, but then I noticed something terribly wrong: BOY's head and tail were separate! So, I improvised and just flew around against the sky.
Also, I'm stickying this to the Noby Noby Boy board.

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Nice flying skills. Something so soothing about the game. 

I was flying round and I went so high I activated the Sun Menu Screen and reported my length, something that up until then I had no idea about!

Love discovering new and wonderful things.
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Alright, I was actually able to get all the way around this time. I split in half again at the end, though.


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AH!  good to know that I didn't encounter a bug when I was playing and snapped my Noby Noby boy in half.....

video coming up soon
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I managed to pull off an "aerial maneuver":


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Wallace, that looked wicked cool when you ate that upside down pig in midair. I haven't successfully eaten anything off my back yet, and you did it in the air while all twisted up. Awesome.

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so anyone want to explain to me why I feel like I just went on a 10 minute long acid trip?

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Here are a couple others I made.



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Here's a good one I did this morning. I looped my self through that cylinder twice, and then at a bunch of stuff, and it all got clogged. Something pooped out at one point, and my tail just started flying around.


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Haha love it!

Great Vids so far, I need to jump back on this now I'm back home
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Here's another one, I just tried to eat as much as I could.


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why are people buying this?

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Ah, I did not know you could record... I should've read the manual, like fairy had said...

I wish I had recorded something I did. I grabed one of those things that keep spinning and my ass grabed a cloud. I just kept still and my boy stretched to some crazy lenghts. Then he snaped and I ate my ass.

Is it weird that I played for about an hour and still have no idea what the game is all about?

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Shadow said:
"why are people buying this?"
If you can't tell, it is mesmerisingly fun.
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O God what have I done?


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After making a huge mess of the level and tying myself into a huge knot, I set about eating all the houses I could.

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Not that interesting, but I just thought this level was cool. The blocks were all originally stacked up.


Also I finally got the prince! Of course the one time I'm not looking for him he randomly sits on me.

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Okay I gotta admit this game is awesome.  I really only bought it because it was so easy and fast to add money to my PSN account, I'd already done it before I realized I had, and at that point, I thought I might as well use this money I already spent so I might as well.  1 day later, I've seen and done some weird stuff (in that order).  The first video...well...I kinda just found the level like that.  I mean it's cool and all but none of that was my doing so it's kinda whatever.  The second one was all me baby.  You know how you guys say you didn't know what to do when you split your boy in half?  Well by the end of this, mine went into THIRDS.  Want to see what happens when a section with no head and no tail falls and disapears from the map?  Well watch to find out!



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Logged on this morning and the fairy said Girl is almost to the moon! :)
Here's a video I got of me looping around the stage, though I don't do it quite as gracefully as BoG  did :P.


Also can we post screen shots here too or should I just make another thread?

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What can I say, Bekern? I'm a graceful fellow!

Also, I'd say go ahead and make a screenshot topic for unique screens that are worth sharing. Might as well consolidate the two to their own topics.
And Shadow, I'm ecstatic to hear that you like them game! Loving it as much as I do personally, it is good to see someone who was initially skeptical have a good time.
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Still Nobody


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I'm on a boat! A Noby Noby Boat!


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