coffeesash's Noby Noby Boy (PlayStation Network (PS3)) review

The most charming and strange game since Katamari Damacy

In Noby Noby Boy, you control a creature named BOY, exploring surreal, randomly generated worlds featuring a plethora of objects animal, vegetable and mineral. While the art style is reminiscent of spiritual prequel, Katamari Damacy, it's also more basic. This, coupled with the utter chaos in each play session, makes the overall atmosphere kind of like if Terry Gilliam directed Dire Strait's music video Money For Nothing.

BOY, (who looks like a shocked pug wearing a pink wetsuit) has two sets of legs, each  set is controlled independantly with the left and right analogue sticks. The player can stretch his body like a slinky dog by making his front and back legs walk away from each other, the length his body can stretch to is only limited to the size of the map. BOY is also capable of floating and flying, each end of his body controlled seperately with the left and right triggers. You can also make him eat objects and poop them out his rear end. If BOY is in the air when he does this, the action propels him through the air. If BOY's two ends are forcibly pulled apart by a spinning machine or other object, he is torn in half. You can then walk the two halves totally seperately, until you make the head end eat the tail end and he is put back together. If you leave the controller alone for a while, BOY wanders around on his own until the player resumes control, meaning that the game could be left on overnight or all day and returned to with unpredictable results. There is support for taking screenshots, recording videos and uploading them to Youtube. Additionally, you can message friends playing the game using an internal messaging system.

There are no actual goals in the game, it being a physics sandbox. The objective is purely to have fun exploring the weird surroundings, interact with things and control the character in any strange way you see fit. While this lack of structure could be seen to be detrimental to the gameplay and longevity, the random situations created, coupled with the odd properties and control method of BOY make the game flexible enough to keep players occupied for hours just messing around.  The goals become whatever the player sets for themselves, like a child in a playground. More creatures and objects are to be unlocked into the game-world pool as a female version of BOY, named GIRL, stretches from the Earth to other celestial bodies, the Moon being the first destination to unlock more stuff. This could be seen as a joint objective for the community that plays the game. The distance she stretches is recorded from the accumulated distance everybody playing the game has stretched BOY while signed into PSN. GIRL also acts as a ranking board. Each player has a randomly generated and unique avatar assigned to them and they all stand on GIRL's back, the further forward you are on her, the higher, the ranking, with number 1 just behind her head.

The possibilites for silly fun are endless for this game, with a mind bogglingly large combination of weird and wonderful objects and people running around the levels. The game just oozes charm and is well worth the $5, even if you were to use it as a screensaver instead of a game.

Posted by coffeesash

I wrote the entire game page for Noby Noby Boy as of now, so this isn't a copy paste of other people's work.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

great review. you certainly did a better job of summing the game up than i did, as i am still dumbfounded by the entire thing even after three days :)

Posted by bekern

Posted by coonce

clean - concise and to the point. great review coffeash ... keep up the good work :)

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