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Game or Toy

I remember when this game first came out. People weasking if this was a game or a toy. People said that games need to have goals or objectives for it to be considered a game. What I say is that's not true. A game is something that's fun above all. Noby Noby boy does this and does have a goal. The goal is to stretch boy to help girl grow so she can reach other planets that are in the solar system. This is very fun to do and try out diffrent ways to make him stretch. There are other thing to do to like making a video and being able to send it to youtube. I ried to make a video but found it to short. Though that ws my own fault and not the games. I wonder if it's easy to send videos or just a hassle that no one does anymore. Well some people will love it some will hate it. i personally can see myself playing this game every once in a while but not really falling in love with it. Oh yeah in cause you want to know this is a game not a toy.


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