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Nogginknockers is a bloody 2-D sports game which resembles Pong . The players take control of one of  six selectable characters that serve as in-game paddles and moves them up and down on both sides of the screen. The game can be palyed against computer controlled opponent or a living one in 2 player mode. The aim of Nogginknockers is to earn more points that the other player by hitting 'the ball' back and forth . A point is gained when whenever the opponent fails to return 'the ball' - and if he does one of the game makers is electrocuted. 'The ball' is presented in form of severed human head. The game contains numerous references to Timeslaughter - other Bloodlust Software's title. There is a dialogue in the background as you play in which Bloodlust Software members are talking about the then-upcoming title Timeslaughter.

Playable characters

 Character selection screen.
- Zippy
- Gutrip
- Halfwit
- Bogey
- Klubbor
- Kewpud

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