Nolan North interview on Rob Paulsen's 'Talkin' Toons' Podcast

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For those of you that dont know, the great voice actor, Rob Paulsen(Voice of Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, Yakko Warner/Dr Otto Scratchnsniff from Animaniacs, Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid 2 on) has been doing a podcast where he talks to other voice actors for a while now. He's had some great guests, like Jennifer Hale, Maurice LaMarche, and Billy West. A few months ago he had Nolan North on. Talkin Toons is really a great podcast that i suggest people pick up. Especially if they are into Voice Acting. Its interesting to hear about the methods and past of some of our favorite cartoon and video game voices.

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Needs more Steve Blum.

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Many thanks for introducing this to me. Loving what I'm hearing so far and can not wait to hear the Jennifer Hale episode once I'm done with the Nolan North one. :)

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As someone who puts a picture of Nolan North in every blog post I write because of an obsession a long running joke, I feel obligated to listen to this.

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Giant Bomb was mentioned. Rob mentioned the Northies.

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wait. grey fox wasn't in metal gear solid 2.

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@TheHT said:

wait. grey fox wasn't in metal gear solid 2.

Yeah i got confused. He did the voice for Grey Fox in the Twin Snakes edition of MGS. Thanks for pointing that out!

@CL60 said:

Giant Bomb was mentioned. Rob mentioned the Northies.

Yeah i paused the ep to post this thread and as soon as i started they got into the Games discussion and mentioned Giant Bomb.

I strongly recommend everyone go back and listen to the episode with Maurice LaMarche its so fun hearing those two talk, such great rapport with each other, and it's funny hearing them randomly slip into different voices. The episode with Billy West was also really good.

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This interests me greatly, will check it out.

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Wow, I love cartoons this is awesome! Thanks for posting this!

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This podcast is cool! Thanks for mentioning.

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It's a great series. Just got caught up through the Billy West episode.

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They were doing John Travolta impersonations at the same time. Dear god.

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Rob Paulsen's normal voice is way higher pitched than I thought it would be. Too much Metal Gear Solid, I guess (Twin Snakes FOREVER!).

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Ya, I've been listening to his podcast for a little bit now (since he mentioned it on a podcast for the TGFA kickstarter). The Jim Cummings episode, for me, is surreal. Two fantastic voice actors in one place- and of course its hilarious as well.

I cant recommend it enough. No one has mentioned it (that I noticed) but the Jim Cummings episode is a must listen to. It's really good.

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@N7 said:

They were doing John Travolta impersonations at the same time. Dear god.

YES, i loved that moment. I never knew they would occasionally bring voice actors in to do ADR. I always just assumed that since they had the actor, they could manage to have him re-record his own lines. I guess it makes sense though when you think about it. Since Plane/Cable edits are done after recording has finished, it would make sense to just bring someone in for less pay who can do a good impersonation.


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