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First, it's too broad. Games with NPCs in them have existed since the early 80s. You will have an unwieldy list that may include most newer games.

Secondly, I have always found it a troublesome term, because it seems to refer to only certain arbitrary sorts of AI-controlled NPCs, rather than all of them. It seems to be ally/neutral characters that qualify for some unknown reason - enemies have somehow been ignored. Arguably, the aliens in Space Invaders are NPCs.

I never liked the term - perhaps we should be the ones to redefine it.

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I think NPC-s should only be characters, who you (main character) can interact with by talking/giving commands. Not just every character you see in the game. That would make this concept pretty stupid, because then almost every game in the world would qualify and the concept would lose its purpose.
And I'm pretty sure it is non-playable character, not non-player character.

#3 Posted by LordAndrew (14591 posts) -

Super Mario Bros? Asteroids?
And those are just a couple I found at the bottom of the list. This page needs a huge cleanup. And clarification of what should and should not be attached to this page.

#4 Posted by eccentrix (1805 posts) -

Haha, Asteroids.

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