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Coming to the game industry with a background in avionics and a master's degree in physics, Norm Koger first entered the realm of turn-based computer wargames in 1988, working on SSI's Stellar Crusade for the PC, Amiga, and Atari ST. He would thereafter produce several more wargames for SSI, including Red Lightning, Conflict: Middle East, Conflict: Korea, Tanks!, and Age of Rifles, though he is perhaps best known for his work with TalonSoft, for whom he developed The Operational Art of War, a series that is revered by many wargame enthusiasts. In 2001, he co-created Storm Eagle Studios with fellow wargame designer Jim Rose, a company founded with the goal of developing and publishing strategy and simulation games exclusively. Later in the decade, Storm Eagle would release Distant Guns and its sequel, Jutland, and also launch a digital distribution platform called StormPowered. Koger has expressed an affinity for crafting games with more intimate groups, describing his development style as "a throwback to the 'one guy in a garage' way of doing things," and noting also that developing games via larger teams is "something I don't find enjoyable." In terms of what products her creates, Koger admits that his philosophy is to design to his own tastes while "throwing fun things into the mix as they bubble up."

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