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Echo of Nortlav

Nortlav's skills as a dragon slayer were known throughout much of Norrath. Why he ended up standing guard in the depths of The Hole is mostly unknown. When the Protector of the Ruins invaded the Hole with his army of golems, Nortlav and Master Yael were slain. Nortlav's ghost, referred to as the Echo of Nortlav, soon began to haunt the area.

Many warriors and bards seek him out, for it is rumored that he still carries red dragon scales from his many victories, and the scales are need in both the bard and warrior epic weapon quests.




  • Minions of Underfoot

Related Quests


  • Jagged Sword of the Dragon Slayer
  • Red Dragon Scales
  • Rusted Throneblade

EverQuest II


  • Spirit's Resonance



Nortlav the Scalekeeper
  • Bound Essence Earring
  • Cloak of Crystalline Depths
  • Cloak of the Scalekeeper
  • Darkest Crystal
  • Girdle of Bound Souls
  • Girdle of the Scalekeeper
  • Mark of Manaar
  • Nortlav's Ring of the Scale
  • Pristine Hallowed Helm
  • Pyreflame Hoop
  • Reinforced Frontal Assault Barbute
  • Reinforced Kaborite Plated Barbute
  • Scale of Flame
  • Scalekeeper's Headguard
  • Soulbound Headguard
  • Symbol of the Scalekeeper
  • Trapped Souls Earhoop

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