How is the 2008 Prince of Persia considered a NosCon game?

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The 2008 Prince of Persia is a completely fresh reboot of the franchise... I don't understand how it can be considered a NosCon game. In fact, when coming up with the term in the podcast, Jeff said the new Medal of Honor wasn't a NosCon as it is a reboot. This seems similar. Also, per the Wiki description of the concept:

"A game with the sole purpose of banking on people's nostalgia for "retro" gameplay and style for a specific series."
That Prince of Persia doesn't go back to any of the "retro" stuff at all. It's a brand new take on the franchise, with new characters and everything. I don't see how it banks on the retro stuff, and therefore, I don't see how it's listed here as a NosCon game.

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Agreed. I think it was only supposed to be a possible NosCon, but now it's listed? 

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