Who Created This Term?

#1 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4998 posts) -

I'm wondering... because when googled, it appears on no other websites.  
I remember a Sonic conversation with NosCon mentioned a lot on the Bombcast, but when was it fabricated? 

#2 Posted by Skald (4397 posts) -

Ryan, I guess.

#3 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

wait...what does NosCon stand for?

#4 Posted by General_D23 (1210 posts) -

Yep, coined by Ryan. 
Still can't believe it actually exists, though. Heh.
#5 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5713 posts) -

Ryan made it up on the Bombcast I believe. 
It is like a retcon, except RET is replaced with NOS for "nostalgia".

#6 Posted by OroJackson (688 posts) -

Ryan made it up during the Feb.9 episode of the bombcast

#7 Posted by animateria (3302 posts) -

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