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 Noxus City

Noxus is located in east Valoranian, and is home to humans. It is a constant power struggle, and only those with intense physical and mental strength can acquire it. The citizens honor strength and disregard caring for weakness. 

Politically, there is a Noxian High Command who controls the military. The military basically controls Noxus, making him or her a dictator. The current Hich Command is Gen. Boram Darkwill and has not given up power for many years. It is unconfirmed, but Darkwill is said to have been kept alive longer through necromancy. He has ruled farther back than the time of King Jarvan I. Darkwill has made Noxus a place where power and conquest rule. 
Noxians do not like visitors, and are basically xenophobic. Only humans are allowed, and some exceptions are made for non humans.  
Noxus is split into two levels: the main level and the sub level. The top carries the Noxian High Command, while the bottom contains many hops and city-dwellers. Most people are poor. Military is a privilege for the people.  

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