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A Nuka-Cola Quantum is a Nuka-Cola that has been irradiated with an extra isotope.  This radiation gives it the purple-blue glow that makes it stand out in the field.  It can be consumed to restore health and give 20 action points, even giving the player more than the maximum AP they may normally have.  The Cola gives 10 radiation points, which is fairly high compared to most other consumables, but once the medical station is gained in the players house radiation like this can easily be removed for free anytime. With the proper schematics and using a Nuka-Cola Quantum, a tin can, turpentine and Abraxo Cleaner, you can create a Nuka Grenade. There is a 10% chance that the player will become addicted to Nuka-Cola Quantum. The isotope in a Quantum is said to be Strontium which is what gives it the blue glow. It is said to have a good energy kick. Much like energy drinks of today, but with the radiation to take it up a notch.

The Nuka-Cola Challenge

The Nuka-Cola Challenge is a side quest given by Sierra Petrovita, who is a Nuka-Cola fanatic and asks you to collect 30 Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles for her. This quest allows the player to make a moral choice which is presented when Ronald Laren, Sierra's neighbor and guardian, asks the player if he/she could sell the bottles to him instead so that he can improve his chances at "plowing her bean field". He can be conviced through a speech challenge to double the payement (to 80 caps) of the Nuka-Colas, however, by agreeing to his deal and selling him 30 Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles, you will lose karma. If you give the 30 bottles to Sierra you will get 40 caps per bottle, 300XP and a Nuka Grenade Schematics. It is possible to give 29 bottles to Ronald and 30 to Sierra to get the maximum amount of money and awards without losing any karma, however this is very difficult since you need to find 59 Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles

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