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Number Munchers
is an educational computer game released by MECC (Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation) in 1986.  Number Munchers was designed to teach basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and prime numbers.

In Number Munchers you control the Muncher (Munchicus digitus) , a green creature with a taste for integers.  When you start a new game you will be granted 4 lives. To advance to the next stage you must devour all of the correct answers to the current question.  If you consume an incorrect answer you will lose a life. 

Existing only to hinder your progress are the Troggles, troll-like creatures that move over the game board changing the numbers as they pass.  Safe zones may appear on the board at any time, providing you with a white square that Troggles can not enter.  There is no end to Number Munchers; the game will continue to add smarter and faster enemies in increasing abundance until you eventually run out of lives.

There are 5 modes of play in Number Munchers:

Our hero, the Number Muncher!

1. Multiples - Find multiples of the current number. e.g., if the number is 6, then you would want to eat 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30.
2. Factors - Find factors of the current number. e.g., if the number is 6, then you would want to eat 1, 2, 3 and 6.
3. Primes - Find only prime numbers, such as 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17 and 19.
4. Equality - Find the equations that equal the current number. e.g., if the number is 10, then you would want to eat 5 x 2, 6 plus 4, 8 plus 2, 20 ÷ 2, etc.
5. Inequality - Similar to the Equality mode, except you must find the equations that do not equal the current number.

Types of Troggles:

  • Reggies (Trogglus normalus) - Troggles that move across the board in a straight line changing numbers as they pass.  They are magenta in color.
  • Bashfuls (Trogglus timidus) - Green Troggles that will avoid moving near you as they change the numbers on the board.
  • Helpers (Trogglus assistus), - Troggles that only eat correct answers.  While this can help you clear the board, this also reduces the amount of points you can earn.  They are also green in color.
  • Workers (Trogglus laborus) - A troggle that is purple in color with a white stomach.  This Troggle is similar to the Reggie except that its movement is less predictable.
  • Smarties (Trogglus smarticus). - A yellow colored Troggle that will deliberately follow you around the board in an attempt to eat you.

Play Number Munchers:

The Virtual Apple website hosts a playable Java version of Number Munchers: Play Number Munchers.

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